THREAD: Today is not a sad day. I hope that all Bernie supporters are even more fired up to make a change. #BernieForPresident was more than a campaign, it is a movement. A movement of people who are tired of being stagnant. A movement carried by young people.
A movement that will continue past Election Day. We WILL get #MedicareForAll . We WILL eliminate student debt. We WILL combat the #ClimateCrisis . We WILL get free college. It’s time to hold each other accountable and not accept what is given to us by people WE have employed.
It’s time to put an end to voter suppression, closed primaries, and the electoral college. Socialism needs to be recognized! It’s time to dismantle the two-party system that has held this country back.
It’s time for us to “shake the table”. The real work starts now. I will forever believe in my generation and my people. We will be the ones to create radical change. Bernie was going to be foster the fight but we will always carry it out.
So, yes, Bernie Sanders was supposed to be our next President. Yes, I am upset that the campaign has ended. No, I do not feel defeated. No, I do not feel like I wasted my time. No, I am not done organizing. I’m just getting started🔥 #Socialism #MisfitBlackGirl
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