With only a few days to go before the most comprehensive #lockdown announced by GoI comes to an end, participated in a VC with Hon PM to discuss the exit strategy to deal with fallout from #COVIDー19 Crisis & ways to kick start the #economy. Made the following suggestions.(1/n)
1. TESTING: Use Rapid test kits to segregate the people into red, yellow & green zones. Empowering employers to test their workforce, will reduce the burden on Govt and create green zones of productivity and help get economy back on track. (2/n)
2. #supplychain: They are extremely important to get the economy moving even in a partial manner. Allowing trucks to #transport goods and other #materials is vital for the #economy. The Govt might also consider ensuring Road side facilities for the drivers' #welfare. (3/n)
3. MASKS: #N95masks and #PPEs need to be made available to Healthcare workers. Any unauthorised person using N95 mask is depriving a #healthcare worker of his safety and needs to be penalized. Clarity on the #usage of masks needs to be made available to public. (4/n)
4. PHASED EXIT: When relaxing terms of #lockdown, each #District needs to be considered as a unit, so that controls can be made and #phased exit can be initiated district wise, keeping the functioning of #supplychain in mind. (5/n)
5. #FISCAL STIMULUS: Needs to be around 10% of the #GDP as is being followed by other countries across the world. This would be a good time to experiment with #Universal Basic Income and provide necessary support to #Farmers to ensure #foodsecurity. (6/n)
6. INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Early announcements of the #stimulus package for #MSMEs and large industries would help the companies to plan their #expenditure accordingly and ensure that they take necessary steps to make the cash available with them lasts as long as possible. (7/n)
7. DATA: Create a standardised system for the states to report their #Data in an accurate and consistent manner. With availability of accurate and consistent data, #AI and #Analytics can be used to #predict the spread and help #contain the #virus. (8/n)
8. NATIONAL VACCINE MISSION: By providing funding and incentives to our #Pharmaceutical Companies, and we have some of the finest in our country, I am sure India will be one of the first to discover the #vaccine for #COVIDー19. (9/n)
9. LONG TERM IMPACT: This crisis has brought about a change in the #behavior and #attitude of the #people. We need to capture these trends as health, hygiene, over crowding etc and find ways to #sustain some of the positive trends that would help our country and people. (10/n)
10. LOCAL BODY ELECTIONS: The uncertainty about the date for conducting local body #elections is leading to candidates going into campaign mode, breaking lockdown protocols. Requested that all elections be put on hold till we overcome this #COVID crisis. (n/n)
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