Lotta takes...
-Off the top of my head: there's no way I'm voting #Biden2020.
-Sanders & Kucinich = the only Democrats* I have ever considered voting for.
-Anyone paying attention in 2016 could've seen this coming but most were still feverishly optimist &/or willfully blind.
-I'd make a small wager that Biden doesn't make it to November, having to drop out because of... reasons... (There's a lot of them.)
-Biden dropping out is a complete game changer; 1968 LBJ dropping out big or bigger.
-Obama was a terrible president; the bulk of blame is his...
...by default.
-It's maddening that in 2020, telling people that Obama was terrible is like telling a 6 year old there's no Santa Claus.
-The time it takes you to finish reading these tweets is longer than I'll hold my breath for the Green Party.

- See you in the streets.
One of the good things that could come out of this debacle is if the Sanders campaign mailing list was used to inform people nationally and locally where and when workers strike, have walkouts, & help organize rent strikes so these actions could maximize coordination. #NotMeUs
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