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This is just a list of thoughts that have occurred to me during the last week of relief efforts that I have volunteered for. They are in no specific order - I jotted them down as they flashed through my head. And just found the time to post it here...
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• There is a short list of people who are essential - and many of us here don’t make that cut. I don’t mean this as a personal slur but it is just the way it is. Maybe it is time we start taking ourselves less seriously and the people who matter more seriously...
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• Cooking is a life skill. If you can’t cook & feed your self and your family, the time you have spent doing everything else is a waste of time.
• If you made no efforts to go out and help people in need and distress then you need to sit back and reflect on why...
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...Was it your self-preservation instinct? Or was it the fear of the unknown? Or was it just that you didn’t know where to start? Or did it really not occur to you to consider the fate of the poor and marginalised? Or was it that staying inside was just very easy? ...
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• Social distancing is a luxury of the privileged - if you managed social distancing in the last couple of weeks and you weren’t under a mandatory quarantine then you are privileged. Accept it and figure out a way to deal with it. Don’t make excuses...
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• If you made no efforts to support a relief effort or help your support staff (with money, provisions, checking-in on them frequently, etc) then maybe you should be thinking why it is so and what would make you step out of your comfort zone if this pandemic isn’t...
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• The more local the relief the more direct is the impact. And some states and local administration are doing a far better job than we give them credit for. If you haven’t been able to find a local relief to support, then your haven’t really looked hard enough...
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• For the people who support us & help us daily (our maid, cook, driver, dhobi, etc) - coming to work was an outlet (esp. the women), an outlet for mental / emotional / physical safety as well. Go deeper in conversations with them, beyond just financial help...
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• With the lock-down, we have added a fairly big group of people, who were earlier financially independent, to the already swollen mass of the needy. These are the people who were trying their best to stand on their own feet and live an independent life of dignity...
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...These are people who aren’t used to asking for help. I can’t even begin to understand what must be going on in their heads these days when they are faced with hunger, inevitably. And how it impacts their confidence in the future is anyones guess.
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• If you stepped out to help others, hats off to you. You know who you are. You are the engine of our society and have your heart in the right place. You are the reason folks like me have hope. You deserve my respect and it is my loss that I haven’t known you better...
I have been part of the relief efforts of Gurgaon Nagarik Ekta Manch which is focussed on feeding the daily wage earners and their families in the city. We have managed to reach to over 20K servings a day thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors..
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...and the efforts of the 100's of volunteers engaged in this relief exercise. If any of what I wrote made sense and touched a nerve, please click on this link ( - donate and help us reach more affected people.
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