I see shehnaz as modern as liberal as Deepika or anushka would be.
Nobody holds the right to designate a level to someone. A level of a person is set by the person's karma& sana's karma levitates her above all.
@musicmanmalik https://twitter.com/charasgaanjaa/status/1247918352158175232
For me, sana comes from a conservative background indeed,
but she proved herself more broad minded than so many self proclaimed highly literate girls in
@ bb house.
If her qualification, is a thing you talk about fifi, viz is something small to talk about. She's got a bcom degree unlike Deepika who did not continue with education after completing her 12.

Stating facts, that's it.
Ik what you meant, but the references you used did offend me as a sana stan.
It could have been better portrayed as;
It's really beautiful to see two pole opposite ppl falling for eo.
One is not as mature as the other, as logical as the other,, @musicmanmalik
one doesn't do Qing& reasoning, one's mind does not control her actions her heart does. The one who is as innocent as a 15 y/o kid would be& the other has all the contrasting features, which is magical.
Imperfection is the beauty of their perfect love. #SidNaaz
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