By 2023

The Nigerian Middle class will be less than 5% of the population.

The people that think they are Middle class are about 30% of the population.

Having access to a smartphone or DSTv does not mean you're not poor.

It means, you need a reality check to know you're poor.
Of all the Nigerians that irritate me

No group annoys me like the Faux Middle class

Despises the poor, worships the Elite, but one crisis away from being poor

The Economy is shit because the Middle class is more obsessed with access to Power

The poor can drop dead from hunger
Give the average Nigerian middle class Man 2 options

1. Put a shit politician in power but guarantees you access

2. Elect a politician who cares about inclusive wealth for the poor & grow your assets 8% annually

He will pick option 1, that's how we ended up with Buhari in 2015
This culture of worshiping status & Power

Of wanting instant gratification and ignoring poverty was enabled by the Nigerian Middle class

That shit has made us the poorest nation on earth

Meanwhile, The actual middle class has gone extinct

Let's all be fucking mad..
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