Love Bernie. The odds were always stacked against him. Whatever mistakes him and his campaign made were always going to be amplified because they were going up against all of the criminals in the @DNC including fraudulent @TomPerez feckless @BarackObama and many many others 1/
Bernie Sanders opened my eyes to the possibility of a more free, more just, more equitable United States of America. I will always believe that an agenda that secures the safety & prosperity of the least fortunate people in this country is the correct agenda. Because of Bernie 2/
I have come to the conclusion that this agenda includes #MedicareForAll a #GreenNewDeal a #LivingWage #FightFor15 a #CriminalJusticeReform a #CancelStudentDebt and several other policies that diminish the growing wealth and income inequality, especially among racial divides 3/
This agenda also includes fighting against a powerful ruling class in this country. These people hold an exorbitant amount of wealth and power and quite frankly, are the main reason Bernie Sanders is not already our President today. These people have have polluted our planet 4/
Have stripped our educational institutions of resources and funding, have levied rapacious prices for healthcare and medicine that ordinary people need and can not afford, and have enacted a foreign policy that serves the $$ motive of the Military Industrial-Complex and other 5/
Multi-national corporations who have no allegiance to the people of this country, just the American dollar. In my view, this aspect of politics is not discussed enough and is the cause of some of the worst atrocities in the world that always come back to hurt us on our mighty 6/
Throne here in the U.S. Given everything I just said, I can not in good conscience support a candidate who is literally funded by this powerful ruling class. Joe Biden is a notorious liar, outright corrupt, and as a cherry on top also has #BidensCognitiveDecline and 7/
Has several sexual harassment allegations and one sexual assault allegation #TimesUpBiden. I will never ever in a million years vote for the other criminal narcissist @realDonaldTrump and I suggest anyone reading this doesn’t either. 8/
Now is not the time for despair. It is time to engage with family, friends & our communities about what we want this country to look like going forward. Now is the time for a #RentStrike. Now is the time for a #UBIStrike. Now is the time for a #GeneralStrike to make our voices 9/
Heard and the power of our movement felt by the corporate and political elite. Bernie helped me realize that real change always comes from the bottom on up, not vice versa. Better things are possible, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. Because of this 10/
I hope we will have new leaders and organizers who use our people power to leverage the political capital to enact the better world that we envision and that we have come close to achieving. #NotMeUs #BernieOrBust2020 END
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