Okay I watched the clip what words FiFi used were
"Jisko 1,2,3,4,5,.....bhi sahi se nahi ata hai"

And "one is Rustic"

He never used uneducated & village girl words for Sana.
From first statement "1,2,3,4... nahi ata sahi se" i am sure he definitely meant that the way Sana used to respond SK when he ask her mathematics questions. She is gullible. She is not that educated in comparison to Sid what he meant here, which he didn't said in a wrong way.
And about RUSTIC
He used it bcz they totally have different backgrounds. Different way of living.
She is rustic. She is a country person. What's wrong in that?

Always there is no need to twist other words in the way what you think it is.
Perspectives are always different.
I am not justifying his words but what i am saying is that it is not necessary what he said is what you understood.
His pov and yours can be different. So take it in that way. And fgs he respects Sana & adore her. (4)
If he said something what you find not correct from the way you see it then you can express it calmly and in a better way. Always bashing & targeting is not the ONLY solution. Please.
Be mature for once in your life.
He is kinda filmy guy. He say things in that way only.
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