For anyone that has seen Midsommar.
I have nothing to promote except for these amazing films I saw in 2019.
Didn’t anybody else notice the First Cow cameo in Midsommar??
The lady looks at Dani cause she know Dani’s going to be the next May Queen.
Just incase if somehow you didn’t notice but Christian’s color in his drink is orange cause of the cult and everyone else’s drink are yellow.
Notice the background starts moving around in trees? It happened earlier in the film but starts back up the moment she clapped her hands.
Here you go... the clip. First you see the dad walking past Dani and then the mom. Dani’s sister walks by as well. The whole family walk by her in a line. Pelle kisses her even though he murdered her family.
Thank you @AriAster for this masterpiece.
Shall I make a similar thread like this but for Hereditary tomorrow?
fyi Dani was perfect to be May Queen. Pelle told Christian about their seasons of life.

Baby to 18 - Spring
18-36 - Summer
36-54 - Fall
54-72 - Mentor

Dani is in her mid 20s so between 18-36 that’s the middle of summer. Midsommar.
Just to be clear. My thread wasn’t supposed to be all new details or mind blowing. Most were discovered during the first watch including for me but not everyone knew them, even the obvious ones. I did missed this and didn’t know about it till last year. Dani’s sister in the trees
Would anybody be interested in a blu-ray collection video and or me putting actual time into talking about hidden details and meanings in films for youtube?
Hereditary thread later tonight. Now watching There Will Be Blood.
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