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WHO recommended USA not impose travel ban so as to allow Chinese infected with coronavirus to access the US and further spread the virus. Plan was to infect millions of Americans and blame @Potus for not closing access to China.

Select Dem govs banned used of Hydrox...
because they know it's a cure to COVID-19. The goal is not to quickly cure it, but to prolong it and extend it through summer to kill economy and @potus chances of reelection. Dems are coordinating with China and Deep State to try and defeat Trump...whatever means possible.
FakeNews pushes anti-hydrox to cause public to fear using it...why? because it works. Additionally, the DS wants Americans using [their] vaccine for ID2020 (Gates Foundation) purposes

Impeachment pushed through House because the Dems knew coronavirus would hit US in January
and they wanted to get the full impact of impeachment news in before coronavirus coverage took over in US FakeNews market. Weaken @Potus via impeachment and then finish him off with coronavirus.
additionally, they wanted Biden to be front runner and secure nomination before coronavirus coverage hit. Bernie out of the way. Ultimate plan is likely for Biden to step out of the way due to "mental issues" and have someone like Hillary step in as Dem nominee at last minute.
coronavirus steals all attention away from discussions re Biden and all the problems he has with Ukraine, China, Hunter Biden, etc. Focus is off Biden and on Coronavirus.

Total narrative change...Dems want the coronavirus to last through summer and early fall to prevent
Americans from focus on Dem candidate for election. Dems are working with China.

Dems cheat. This is not another 4 year election. They must win at all costs or they're finished permanently.

6+ may be referring to a 6 day countdown.
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