The tweet below reeks of fear, and you can *well understand* why: the sequence of events in the last few days is Sanders talking to Biden about Biden's VP pick and then Sanders dropping out. Trump is terrified Biden will pick Warren—Sanders' likely preference—and unify the party.
PS/ Trump is also upset that Joe is *blowing him out of the water* nationally *and* in battleground states, per the latest polls. Trump is now a man who lives in daily terror he won't get enough illegal foreign aid to get reelected and may—therefore—face indictment post-election.
PS2/ I'm referring to the SDNY case against Michael Cohen here, by the way. There's no chance Biden—or anyone—interferes with a case in which Trump is already an unindicted co-conspirator. As to whether Trump may face other indictments, I know he should but don't know if he will.
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