Here is a thread to explain who is exactly connected to the Royal Death Racket that @AustinSteinbart speaks of while they go by many names we are talking about the same people & they stretch back as far into our history as you can go the Messiah called them The Money Changers
They are the same people who Moses Freed the real Jews from. I believe that God made us to destroy them on earth.
Let me explain what I mean. Before God made Adam he told the Angels. Angels who we know do not know anything that God has not told them. Their response was will you
make one that will cause corruption in the earth & spill the blood while we praise thy holy name? Why would they say that if they had never seen it themselves? God's response was I know that which you do not? So God Created Adam & Eve & placed them in a garden with everything
they could possibly need. But God Place in that Garden a test because unlike satanist would have you believe God is no dictator he gave them the choice He did not hide it from them. He allowed them the choice to remain on of His or become one of them but the good in man caused
them to immediately see the error of what they had done & they Immediately repented & begged His forgiveness. God them all down not both of them but all of them & curse the evil ones to be crushed under our feet. But we all fell. So that man could fully understand the nature of
their own choice. To purify man from that evil that they committed. Please take a moment to read what the evanescence shows was actually the forbidden fruit
Still don't believe me? They don't hide it
Do you know why it is called #PIZZAGATE? Because Pizza, like Cake is a symbolic representation of the Placenta AKA The Tree of Life & they don't just love it but they love sucking the juices from the fruit of that tree. Satanist & pedophiles love Children the way some love their
favorite food. they are everywhere & they have always been here with us. They have become so powerful because most humans don't want to enslave people through corruptions & become gods over them. Most people are sheep with a small percentage who are not & that small percentage
that are the Thinkers can be split into 2 further groups those who want to enslave & slander the sheep & those who want to protect them. The Khazarian Mafia is just one race of them them they are the Vatacan the Fake Jews, the Nazi & the Royalty of the world. They are known as
as the masters of disguise because back in the day before Print, photos & technologies they use to attack Royal Caravans kill all the people & assume their identities. Sşnce they did that they have no right to anything that they own. They have many pawns who are willing to serve
them in exchange for power, fame & fortune. That was also the work of the Knights Templers to search the lands of places where they had assumed the identities for any bloodline heirs who could claim what was theirs & kill them. Any time you hear of searches for the Holy Grail or
other religious artifacts that is code for what they are actually working for. Some are descendants & some are some simple serve them.
#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Qarmy #DigitalSoldiers #Trump2020
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