I have been following very closely #coronavirusindia & the world. I honestly feel that State & Central Govt. In India have with all good intent risen to the occasion. Its an unprecendented worldwide calamity that no one, no political or corporate leader has anticipated ..1/n
Or signed up for! I think, considering the complexity n diversity of India, where there is no one solution fits all, the various institutions n govts are doing their best! Its one of those rare occasions where state govts have been completely in support of the center. 2/n
Everyone across the world is experimenting n trying to find workable solution that balances the needs of the economy with human life. Very few have found a perfect solution. What we and our govts are facing is nothing short of a war if not bigger! There will be shortfalls 3/n
And unfortuante collateral damage which we need to be sensitive to. But I think it's that time where we go beyond our political n social ideologies n stand by our govt. Speak up and give constructive suggestions but let's not be petty to point fingers and make an issue 4/n
Of every thing. Lets stand by or respective state and central govt. ! Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good! Its that time for all of us! End of rant ! n/n
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