Bernie Sanders is suspending his campaign

What a tragedy that he is candidate most suited to lead during this terrible time. I’m honored to have done the work I did for the campaign
A profoundly decent man who has been right for decades, and a campaign filled with idealistic working people.

But the idea that healthcare was a human right was just too crazy for the DNC... even in the middle of a pandemic
Any of you who recently got into political action because of the Bernie campaign ... don’t you dare get blackpilled

Keep fighting
I absolutely do judge every person whose job it was to think and write and be right for a living, who, before a pandemic and economic collapse on par with the Great Depression, decided the most important things to write about were emojis, podcasts, and whether Bernie yelled
Vote democratic for president this November. Obviously

More importantly get the most radical people you can into local office. Join the groups in your city who have been fighting forever for the poor, the workers, the humans rotting in prisons and ICE detention centers. Organize
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