To those saying we didn’t act fast enough, we knew about this in Dec

It’s true

We did know that a virus was spreading in Wuhan China


Here is the timeline of WHO and China response to outbreak

Fair to lay the blame at our govt?

I repeat:We had 1st case within 24hrs-Italy
Personally I think the work between Feb&March has been phenomenal and a real testament to our NHS,Army,Key workers across the board,manufacturing industries,pharmaceutical industries etc.

It’s been nothing short of remarkable

As we approach the peak let’s be positive. 👍
That’s not to say that there hasn’t been issues

There undoubtedly has


The issues haven’t been as extensive as we’ve been led to believe by social media and the press

Stop giving airtime to frauds and fakes.

Let’s hear about the recoveries, the pioneering and optimism.
Let’s come out the other side of this a united, happier, friendlier UK with a community spirit that will endure.

I love the fact that neighbours are talking for the first time in towns and cities across the country, even though it’s over Skype

Let’s hear more of these stories
I repeat:We had 1st case within 24hrs-Italy

We must’ve done something right!

Be positive!

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