It’s the 10 year anniversary of the New START Treaty! What is #NewSTART & why is it so important? Find out in the thread below ⤵️
#NewSTART entered into force in 2010. Signed by the U.S. and Russia, the treaty places limits on deployed & non-deployed strategic nuclear delivery vehicles and deployed nuclear warheads. /2
Why is #NewSTART important? The treaty’s strong verification and confidence-building measures permit each side to conduct 18 inspections per year. Meaning, the U.S. (and Russia) can put boots on the ground about every 3 weeks for on-site inspections. /3
In the U.S., a study conducted by @HartSurveys shows that 80% of engaged voters believe that Washington should extend #NewSTART. /5 
So, what can be done? President Trump and Putin can sign a five-year extension to New START so that these inspections can continue and the critical limits remain. /6
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