This is for @MariaFurqan5

An open letter from everyone you’re attacking:

Please stop.

I’ll just say a few things so I don’t have to deal with you anymore.

This is a fun thread. Do go through it. I’m putting out everything you claim people won’t say to your face.
I unfollowed you when you stated that girls who wear slutty clothes DESERVE to be harassed. I engaged in conversation with you. Somehow you still deemed it fit to be offensive and incredibly rude.
If you post about unnerving hot takes and foot FETTISH pages, don’t be surprised when you get referred to as that. I post about my friends and Taylor Swift. Refer to me as that.

But know your fucking limit. And take a step back. And apologize. Publicly.
What started as a critique of the heinous stuff you put out on your platform (which is not only problematic but offensive too) has now turned into you bullying others to no end. Vicious attacks that no one made on you.
No one made a personal judgement against you. No one attacked you. No one even name-dropped you. At any point. You on the other hand used a public account and directed 18K people to someone with a private account just to perpetuate more drama and hate. Apologize.
Please get a refund from uni. Not because you didnt deserve to go there ofcourse, but just so you would stop using your socioanthro degree to validate your baseless and problematic claims

Wese, you dont even use it properly to validate your claims. You just say you majored in it
You work in the modelling industry. Please quit. Your work is with a lot of members of the LGBT+ community. Using their identity as insults shows your character. Next time, don’t bother coming to me or my co-worker for a job. We work in a very inclusive environment.

Her words:
All in all, leave @makhantos alone. Leave me alone. Leave all of us alone. Go back to posting pictures of your feet. And understand the difference b/w someone critiquing what you have to say vs critiquing you. For the greater good (I think they teach that in sociology)
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