The @DSP_SPE team has gathered some (French too) Canadian #COVID19 resources. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating, visualizing data or fact checking - 👀 the link, follow this thread for highlights. Message us with some resources to expand it 👇 
Check out specific #COVID19 resources in Canada divided by categories; #volunteering, #MedicalEquipment, #datavisualization, #factchecking, #finances, #canpoli officials, other lists/databases of resources 👇👇
Canadian health journalists are amplifying reliable reporting 📝. Check out @picardonhealth @ameliedboisvert. @LeesaKlich has also compiled a list of credible info
#CanPoli 🇨🇦Your most reliable source of #COVID19 info at this time are government officials. Canada-wide, we recommend following sources like Dr. Theresa Tam @CPHO_Canada and Health Canada @GovCanHealth. Check our full list for province- and city-specific officials!
#Volunteering Over at @MoriartyLab a database of researchers, students, and healthcare professionals who wish to volunteer has been created to help manage this 😉 #CanadianCOVID19ScienceArmy Sign up here ⬇️
#Finances Check how @JenniferRobson8 has distilled info on financial support for Canadians into a plain language and easy to understand summary 🙌 . Check it out here:
Other lists and resources: Our friends @MoriartyLab @guilbourque, who sparked the idea of this thread and a definitive list of Canadian resources, have launched @COVID_19_Canada, a hub for all things #COVID19 in Canada. 🇨🇦📝
Be sure to read (and follow) @this_is_farah who has created an excellent thread specifically for CALLS TO ACTION, like #PPE #donations, #volunteering and #research 🙌
@E4Dca has listed Canadian #COVID19 resources, along with important articles and scientific information about social distancing and other pandemic-related topics. 👇👇
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