HAL, which was deprived of Rafael contract for a crony capitalist who has since declared his net worth as zero, is first off the mark inventing and developing a protective aerosol box for doctors treating Coronavirus patients. The first box has been produced in its Nashik unit...
... and given on trial to the Dr Zakir Hussain Municipal Hospital. It has proved so effective that the NMC has ordered them to make ten more boxes. They are making it from acrylic metal. It is like a cabinet that covers the patient and minimises the contact
..between patients and medics who treat them through the cabinet. In view of healthcare workers not being given PPE by the govt, this is proving very effective and popular. HAL is doing this quietly from its CSR funds despite suffering losses due ..
... to the Rafael fiasco at a time when the man who benefitted is sitting on his bum roing nothing, neither for Rafael nor for CoVid patients and all other industrialists who benefitted from this crony capitalist regime are only making noises abt modest donations...
... and researching nothing. My eyes brim over for HAL and its out of work employees whostill came forward for nation building in this hour of crisis, providing our doctors with protective armour when the govt sent these soldiers to war without .
.. guns or tanks to fight the enemy with bare hands. I feel like saying GMSK to all the hard hearts in govt and private corporate sector. May they never thrive. May HAL bloom and shine @RahulGandhi
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