Trump, up for reelection, understands that wide-spread voting will doom his chances for reelection.

He is signaling to Republicans to do what they can to stop state-wide mail-in voting.

The problem for the GOP: Most states already allow mail-in voting.

It works well.
Yesterday I said people must start as soon as possible to get their hands on their mail-in ballots (which can be dropped off) so that, when things go wrong, there will be a chance to correct the errors.

I said "when" and not "if."

Each of us . . .
. . . must work to get our ballots in hand before November with the same determination as a soldier on a battlefield fighting for the right for our people to be free.

Because we are.

And this is what it will come down to.
Voter suppression is the only reason. That, and it's a lot harder to cheat.

Here is a to-do list:
🔹Find out when (and how) you can get your mail-in ballot.
🔹Find out what your state has in terms of a voter protection org. . .
. . . a place to start is with the Democratic Party.
🔹From this moment forward, designate yourself a voters rights activist.
🔹Keep a close eye on what Republicans in your state are up to. (Election rules are codified)
🔹The moment you can get your ballot . . .
. . . do so, and make sure every person you know also gets his or her ballot.

When Democrats do this, Republicans will do the same.


They won't want their people to be the only ones facing double obstacles to voting.

My personal preference . . .
. . used to be dropping off my mail-in ballot at an actual polling place on election day so it could be counted along with the in-person voters.

But now I work monitoring elections as a volunteer lawyer, so instead, I drop mine at the recorder's office a day or so ahead.
Thanks. I also have a link on my "to-do" page.
So, when this is all over and Trump (and hopefully enough GOP Senators) are voted out, are we all gonna have a virtual party? 🎉🥳🍾
Texas = 🤦‍♀️ (I didn't really touch my face)

Here's how it works: States make their own election rules but Congress has the authority to regulate elections.
Right now we won't get any meaningful election reform because the GOP controls the Senate. . .
. . . on the other hand, we won't get any democracy-busting regulations from Congress either, because Democrats control the House.

So right now, states are on their own. That's where all of you come in. State-wide politics (particularly in smaller states) is local politics. . .
If Democrats win the Senate and White House and keep the House, that means in 2021, Congress can pass a bill making mail-in or drop-off ballots available to ALL voters.

(Yeah, they can do that. Cool, right?)

All those expensive and tricky ballot marking machines . . .
. . . that GOP-held legislatures love? buh-buy. Sell them for parts.

But first we have to win big in November. Then reform can happen that makes it harder for a minority party (the GOP) to hold disproportionate power.

That's why Trump is scared of mail-in ballots now.
I'm pretty sure that what Trump means by "rigged" is voter suppression will be a lot harder, so lots more people will be able to vote, so he'll lose.
Remember, a goal of active measures is to cause people to lose confidence in democratic systems. A goal of the Firehose of Falsehoods method is to cause people to give up and shut down.

Because that's how to kill democracy.

So we don't let it work.
Every election has regulations in place to prevent foul play.
It's easier to regulate and monitor mail-in ballots because (among other reasons) there's a paper trail.
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