“let’s use the purchasing power of California as a nation-state”

Covid19 and Trump’s total bungling of it presents an excellent “Cal-Exit” argument. People will be *angry* enough to ask “why the HELL should I pay to benefit the likes of #MoscowMitch and a RED state like KY?”... https://twitter.com/maddowblog/status/1247698364063518720
Every stupid ass RED state in the nation (and their fascist Trump supporting politicians) take money away from a state like California and it’s citizens. California can produce its own food, manufacturing, energy, insure its own citizens.

RED States like KY, AL, WV, MS and...
... their CORRUPT POLITICIANS *ALL* SUCK from the tit of of BLUE States (Like CA, NY, IL)?

MAGAs/Trump Supporters this is a reason WHY a *coordinated* FEDERAL response by the UNITED States of America is so important.

BLUE States pay WAY more $$$ to RED States.

States *NEED* BLUE States (go F yourself #MoscowMitch)

Beware! if they (Democrats) start humming that tune. These BLUE States may begin to rumble with the discontented message of ceding from the UNITED States.

CA also has the largest number of active military—...
who may decide to change alliance.

You *may* say, yeah but States like TX & FL are somewhat similar to CA...and you’re right to some extent—except—they are *really* only RED bc of gerrymandering and voter suppression. Given a truly fair vote Democrats would own those...
... States too.

@GavinNewsom’s announcement of a “...consortium of non-profits ...arranged by California’s Nation-State *power* for the ...benefit of WESTERN STATES”—is a short jump to “what do we need them (RED States) for anyways?...
Let’s cede from the United part of things bc there is NO benefit in remaining.”

For all those “State’s Rights” Federalists be careful what you ask for because those states will wither and die on the vine bc the wealth States like California would no longer be available.
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