1) To all the #QAnon calling @AustinSteinbart crazy...let me explain how mind control/distractions work and how what AUSTIN is saying far more sane than what some of y’all are spewing.
-Austin was asked about Aliens...something a LARGE portion of the Q movement is hung up on.
2) He said that Aliens/UFO are basically distraction....if you were the military and back in the 50’s a large mass of people saw military tech you weren’t ready to make public, what would you do? Would you try to convince all those people they saw NOTHING or would you release...
3)perpetuate a far fetched narrative for people to become obsessed with?Something that for decades to come, anyone seeing anything that’s ACTUALLY military would be written off as “Meh...Aliens” by the people who are ACTUALLY intelligent and curious by nature. It’s a DISTRACTION.
4) And THIS is the type of topics Austin is touching on...a return to RATIONALITY and FREE THOUGHT. It’s the same thing with child sacrifice...Planned Parenthood does a million plus of those a year...everything shouldn’t be viewed through such a LITERAL lens.
5) For instance, HRC maybe if we had concentrated on her ACTUAL crimes in Haiti of screwing children out of housing, stealing money and POSSIBLY trafficking instead of flooding her tweet threads with “YOU EAT BABIES” maybe people would take us more SERIOUSLY. Stop looking CRAZY
6) But “citizens” you say, “Austin talks about time travel” again...you are thinking to literal...and in some part I think , if he is Q, he’s swearing what a lot of us have suspected all along...that Q IS the quantum computer....that the boards ARE implementing predictive AI.Lets
7) dive into that, it DOESNT MEAN THIS ISNT REAL. Quantum computers are totally capable of aggregating large amounts of information from multiple sources then predicting someone’s FUTURE movements, if you did that with communications between baddies, you could plan COUNTERMOVES..
8)Q has posted on the board that Q=ALICE. ALICE is the code name for the SENDER of information in Quantum Computing...Q IS ALICE. I think he’s swerving this bc so many of you can’t contemplate that Q wouldn’t be a MESSIAH...introducing the concept in palatable chunks is the only
9)way to achieve mass understanding and acceptance. And having him come out,would be a way to prep us for a truth that’s even more unfathomable to some of you than Austin,the only way to fully understand anything is to suspend your disbelief & recognize the concept of POSSIBILITY
10) Quantum Computers are FULLY capable of “predicting the future” it just isn’t by how y’all think it’s doing it. Less Sci-fi more SCIENCE
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