If I can do one thing in life, it is to let every child know You are not alone. Every child deserves protection from every rabid predator. Every wounded soul deserves healing. Every predator deserves to be put out of our misery, like every rabid dog. https://twitter.com/dolphinchix/status/1247697318931021827
Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the outcomes it gets. The world uses children and women as commodities for rape to satisfy the males who’ve placed themselves in positions of authority and policy making. These males are not men. They are rabid dogs.
The world that uses and abuses children and women, by the millions, is doomed.

@realDonaldTrump #epstein, #princeandrew @gop @Pontifex #Xi #vlad #mbs are showing us exactly what rabid predators do in order to make the rules and serve themselves, always at our expense.
Every predator has a fault line. It is the guilt of the truth; known by abuser and his victims. Pound on that fault line until he crumbles.

Then, every predatory system needs to be torched and rebuilt as an institution that puts children’s well-being at the center. #ItsTime
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