Self-Awareness and Feminism [A THREAD]

This feminist understands that simply talking down to people and dismissing and deflecting criticism comes off as disingenuous.
Notice how the male feminist resorts to using "male" as an insult, because only men would disagree with HIS position.

Cora understands why people who would be pro-feminist in an ideal world, aren't.

"We know things you don't, and must be hated for it" is the feminist position.
Good ol' TakeDownMRAs calls a commie a right winger because she has a Pepe in her banner.
She admits something about the left, here.

Pronouns in bio is the callsign of the left wing. It's a badge of honor.

"Look, I'm no dirty right-winger! I have pronouns in my bio!"
It's important for these people on the left to be "free of sin".

Despite being a commie, despite having a flag of Cuba in her bio, Pepe the frog takes precedence, and ruins her position.

This is the purity spiral in full effect.
If I missed out some people who were interested, I apologize.
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