As written by Vivek Gurkha on March 17, he lives in Delhi
"Today I visited zeashta devi mandir at srinagar, I was shocked, surprised & angry. ZEASHTA DEVI PRABNDHAK COMMITTEE do have a good revenue through Donations & rental income of
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rooms they provide to devotees,but today see the conditions of the temple, see the shivling and naag, see the floor, its totally in a bad condition. You can yourself see and imagine how bad it is. They dont have shortage of money then
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what is stopping them in maintaining the temple,cant they clean it everyday? Or they do it only in summers wen devotees are on high numbers & they earn by providing rooms on rent
Its really shameful and big shame on the management, i tried to look for
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management people but no one was there, I was angry. If this will be the connection of the temples which are open under management then what can we expect from the closed one. Liquor alcohol bottles outside gate of temple, who drinks them there? I am
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sorry to say but our community members had become selfish and has made temple's a business hub to earn. REQUEST ALL TO SHARE THIS SO THAT IT CAN REACH MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNMENT SO THAT THEY WILL ACT
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This is one example & the disadvantages of Temples fully going into the hands of Pvt people & Pvt Trust etc

Some kind of control or equal participation is necessary - else this may happen to any temple

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