"EC President von der Leyen mentioned efforts to end the civil war in Libya... But even as she declared “we have learnt the importance to invest more in long-term stability and to prevent crises,” she did not say a word about the virus outbreak in China."

This was Jan 22.
"That very night, Chinese authorities announced that they were locking down Wuhan... In Geneva that evening, an emergency meeting of WHO ended inconclusively,... announced its experts were not yet ready to label coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern."
"On January 26, four days after von der Leyen and Hatchett spoke in Davos, Tom Ingelsby, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the U.S., took to Twitter to urge world leaders to anticipate the worst."
"On January 27, Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s center for disease control, told the broadcaster ZDF in an interview that he saw “low danger” from the coronavirus."
Trump out a travel ban on 1/31.

So did Italy, but that was far too late.
"The message didn’t sink in among EU member countries. Just three days later, when the EU’s health ministers gathered in Brussels for a first emergency meeting on February 13, their resistance to taking coordinated action was on full display."
"... there was no similar worry as schools across Europe closed for Carnival week on Friday February 21, and many families headed for annual ski vacations. In retrospect, it would be the start of an avalanche of infections, spread person to person, throughout the Continent."
On FEB 25!

"The next day, health ministers from Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and Croatia arrived in Rome. They agreed closing borders would be “disproportionate and ineffective at this time,” and that big events shouldn’t be automatically canceled."
"At the end of the conference, the officials stood up and shook hands, as reporters and others crowded around them."
March 2:

"In a sign of Belgium’s own lack of preparedness, Council officials said employees believed to be at risk of infection were unable to get tested."
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