The 'good immigrant' thing. It is true that this is a problem. Everyone else is allowed to simply exist. But even positive messages about immigration sometimes set a demand on immigrants to be superheroes if they're to be tolerated.
But. The press had churned out hatred about immigrants every day for decades. For my whole life. So when we try to counter this, we do it by telling stories about how immigration has improved this country.
We show how immigrants helped make this place what is it. We tell a better story, a true story.
It's really unhelpful to have lots of well meaning people attack that strategy as 'problematic'. Lazy and self-defeating. It creates that dynamic where the left fucks itself under a purity test while the right rampages around doing whatever it likes.
Evaluate each instance on its merits. Are immigrants being held to a standard others are not? That's 'good immigrant'' bullshit. Are they simply being recognised? That is not.
Be vigilant. But don't go in for knee-jerk leftie puritanism.
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