mark tuan as your boyfriend - a thread
tells you not to forget your mask when going out

"Keep safe my love" - Him
sends you selfie to get you updated

"I know you miss me so here's a selfie baby" - Him
Out of the country trips with him

"Wow! Baby, you're good with taking pictures" - Him
Goes with you to your fave places, mall and bookstore.

"Babe, you'll love this bag" - Him
Let's you meet his fam

"My family loves you, they said we should get married ready" - Him
Always holds his phone to text or call you

"How's your day, love? I'm about to go home, what do you want? Ice cream? Pizza?" - Him
Food trips

"I love sweets but I love you more" - Him
He loves his pet but he loves you the most.

"Baby Milo, look at your mommy" - Him
Coffee dates

"I love you a latte, baby" - Him
Long drives

"Where do you wanna go, love?" - Him
Uses cute filters when you do video call

"Babe do I look cute?" - Him
Willing to wait for you

"Are you ready love?" - Him
Offers you the warmest smile that will melt your heart and makes you forget your worries

"Don't be sad baby. Everything's going to be okay" - Him
You got a hot and handsome boyfie but assures you that you're his only one, the one he will always choose and love. He got is eyes fixed on you, only you.

"I love you baby, always remember that" - Him
More food trips

"Try this baby. Want more mayo?" - Him
Lets you listen to the song he composed for you.

"Let me hold your hand
You're the ocean to my sand, be my baby
Can I hold you tight my lady
You drive me crazy
The sun is shining down for you and I"

"You like it, love?" - Him
Takes stolen shots of you

"What? You look good in every shot baby even the one when you got a mayo in your face hahaha I love you!" - Him
He's good with kids

"How many kids do you want my love?" - Him
He'll be the best boyfriend, lover and husband.

"I want to marry you, and have a child that looks like you. I want to see you with gray hair and wrinkles. I want to see you grow old. I love you." - Him
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