Just writing this thread out of concern because i am watching tweets that how much people invested in the bb idols .ok guys being a fan is good but being obessed with them is not good for ur idol and especially for u guys #SidharthShukla #ShehnaazGill #SidNaaz
Because u guys are literally affecting ur life becoz of sid and sana which is not good at all.i mean u have ur family and freinds about whom u should care more and with them u should spend more time . #SidNaaz #SidharthShukla #ShehnaazGill
I knw u guys are emotionally invested with them but u guys need to understand that they are no more in bb and they r in real world u will not able to get their single detail and also they are busy in their career and not worrying about their realtionship .so u guys should also
Concentrate on ur life and work hard in ur life .it is impossible to quit twitter but try slowly to deta h urself from twitter and from ur idols .by detaching i am not saying stop loving them but i mean stop obessing over them
Nobody knws that if they are going to end up together or not becoz future is uncertain so instead wasting ur time on this obession strt doing some productive things and take care of urself guys
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