“So if it's not stored energy, work or time, and you regards bitcoin as money, how do you define money Neil?” Only very silly people ask this. They never ever ask, “ How do you define MySQL”. Why not? The correct answer to this is to ask, “Why to you need a definition?”. https://twitter.com/nwoodfine/status/1247674501359230976
When you make a phone call, do you really think that that is the ACTUAL voice of your mommy on the iPhone? If you do, you're very stupid. What you're hearing is a mathematical approximation reconstructed by software. It's not a real voice. Didn't you know that?
Similarly, Bitcoin is just a database that people choose to put a symbol in front of so that you think it's a form of money. Can it be used as money? Of course it can. But it's still just a database, and can be used to count literally anything. That's what math is for: COUNTING.
When someone asks you, “What is Bitcoin to you”, who uses Bitcoin themself you're very probably dealing with someone who can't think at all or who has been brainwashed by The “Crypto Lorem Ipsum” crowd. These people won't be setting the agenda long term, that's guaranteed.
It's guaranteed because Apple and Google are coming, and they're going to wipe out all the gibberish, infantilism, nonsense and Lorem Ipsum, just as they and others have done with every other tool. And Bitcoin's promise will be fulfilled.
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