What should be the relationship between journalists (not media houses) and the politicians (not organisations)? I am raising this question because many times u find politicians having bad attitude towards journalists and journalists always wanting to outsmart politicians.
This has seen a number of tense media briefings, recent one between @samkelemaseko and DSG of the ANC. Politicians refusing to take interviews. Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of accountability and informing the public?
I was always impressed with how @GwedeMantashe1 as SG of the ANC handled the media. He did so with respect even during the worst of times. I always watch the respect the bro. @mzwaimbeje affords politicians in making them account.
If u missed what this thread is about, here is summary:

1. Why do some politicians refuse to take media enquiries?
2. Why some journalists always try to outsmart politicians?
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