We need to stop 5G we don't need nor do we want it it's dangerous and harmful it kills. People need to stop being intentionally ignorant to everything and see what's going on around them. Now people are so brainwashed that they're so comfortable with anything.
People don't question anything they just go with it you must always question everything.
With The Nanotechnology (Morgellons) (Nanobots) coming from the Chemtrails (Aerosol Spraying) , we are all infected. Everyday the infestation of nanobots grows, falling from the skies from the Chemtrails, and probably also being ingested in some processed foods, and even raw,
natural foods that have been exposed to the nanobot rains for their entire growing cycles.
Our immune systems have been weakened by the constant bombardment with chemicals such as glyphosate, which contaminates nearly all of our food including organic products. These chemicals strip out essential minerals from our bodies and damage the normal bacteria in our guts.
The normal human microbiome in the gut is the primary home for our immune system.
Nanotechnology can also be intended for harm as when it is sprayed in the atmosphere above the Earth. In thiscase, it is designed to secretly create physical lethargy, to inhibit mental clarity, to provide a mechanism for establishing mind control programming, to modify human DNA
, and to stimulate disease formation and early death. Regardless of the intent behind nanotechnology, it is embedding itself in our bodies on a daily basis and is establishing networks within us that have the quality of a pseudo-lifeform or synthetic biology.
It is not just inert small pieces of junk that just sit there, but it fulfills its mission to self-assemble into structures that perform functions according to those who programmed the materials, it’s a living organism!
The problem is that once nanotechnology enters our bodies, our brains, our cells, and even modifies our DNA, then extraordinary steps must be taken to deprogram it and remove it. Heavy metal Detox is one the ways.
5G will also be extremely important for the Elite and It will enable control and espionnage systems which are far more efficient than those we use today. It will improve the lethality of killer drones and war robots by giving them the capacity of identifying, following and
targeting people on the basis of facial recognition and other characteristics. The 5G network, as a weapon of high-tech capacity, will also become the target for cyber-attacks and war actions carried out with new generation weapons. It’s a Military Weapon against humans!
The Biometric finds friends with The 5G-enabled facial recognition process and reportedly will take "less than a second, while the tech itself can be deployed in virtually any retail environment.
Take a look at the patent application from KnowmTech LLC :
“Fractal memory and computational methods and systems based on nanotechnology” It’s currently active in the United States til’ 2026.
PDF FILE: https://patents.google.com/patent/US7502769B2/en?q=Nanotechnology&oq=Nanotechnology+
The Background for this application:

Applications for object recognition are many and include industrial machine vision, medical image analysis, and speech recognition. Connect the dots !! China Have already done this!!!
5G & the Smart Cities surveillance grid are connected: “Smart Cities have comprehensive digital connectivity by installing a massive wireless sensor network of almost invisible small cell antennae on light posts, utility poles, homes and businesses throughout
neighborhoods and towns in order to integrate IoT with IT.” Smart cities are “connected” ones which means they collect data from from IoT sensors in streetlights and other devices to provide SURVEILLANCE 24/7 on human citizens.
Not only will people suffer more from this increased radiation forced upon us without our consent or informing us, but it is also leading to complete control and 24/7 surveillance by the state just as in China’s smart cities, according to TechCrunch. Surveillance cameras and
microphones, 5G mini-cell towers will be installed on top of LED street lights, smart meters will record all actions that require electricity use, the electric appliances and wearables will come with a Vaccine microchips which will gather information and transmit it to a system.
They want to track us and collect data to see if we got vaccinated or not which leads to the Digital Certificates (ID2020) (Mark of the beast) will come into play.
“It’s the building block to a world where everything that can be connected will be connected — where driverless cars talk to smart transportation networks and where wireless sensors can monitor your health and transmit data to your doctor.
That’s a snapshot of what the 5G world will look like.” A spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) told Euronews that “To account for the increase in the volume of information that will be transferred by 5G networks, more spectrum at higher frequencies will be required
”;namely, it will require installing many more cell towers. This microwave radiation surrounds us and leads to decrease in fertility (sperm count) DNA damage known to be produced by these EMFs occur in human sperm and may also occur in human eggs, leading to large increases in —
mutation in any children born.

IOT, the Internet of Things that anything which can be connected to the system and gather information and perform surveillance on us will be connected to this system.
We are fast approaching a time in which “Big Brother” will watch you everywhere all the time. This isn’t an exaggeration. Look what happens in China, because this is the plan for all countries. DO NOT GET THAT VACCINE!!!!
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