So, Dads been unwell - since about Thursday last week . His physcian says come on Saturday. Saturday morning - he says no, I will not be in.

Since his surgery, he has been on 2 types of insulin. So he keeps getting Hypoglycemia. Started being very frequent - 2 times a day.
Saturday, he started getting really weak - with stomach pains. B'se he had a whipple procedure -we keep thinking it will go on its own. It doesn't.

Called UCI, and the oncologist says - come tomorrow. Last night, I called KCCA for ambulance, was told : call at 7:30am.
Woke up & called KCCA at about 7:40am. They give me a number for an ambulance driver. They tell me he has about 2 pax to pick, so have to wait. I say OK. Called him : 8am, 8:40am, 9:17am.. I am coming, he says. Its now 10am.
RDC : He is far. Ours would be Kawempe. Call KCCA & ask what to do, they recommend - send me a private ambulance or go to LC 1.

Call Boda guy to go to LC : says LC was arrested.

We live about 10mins drive from Mulago by the way. Dad wanted to walk - but we have a ka hill.
Don't know if I am mad.

Don't know how to describe my feelings yet.
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