THREAD: Took the opportunity tonight to chat with folks who are homeless sleeping at the Kinsmen overflow shelter. The lineup takes more than an hour to get through, and there is nothing to eat when you get in. #ableg /1
Thankfully there’s 200 spaces, but you’re locked in for the night once you check in. There are no showers (some complained about getting “ripe”) but apparently the facility feels more secure than other places. #ableg /2
Wake up is at 5:30 am, and then a snack before you have to clear out by 7. Tomorrow? Well, those than can travel will have to get all the way to the Expo Centre for lunch, but it might be hot. The trade off though is a possible fight. #ableg /3
Some wondered why the Butterdome wasn’t used so people could use the train. This location is bizarrely out of the way. Considering the trouble they went to get here, I can’t believe our government gets away saying they can’t be trusted with curtain strings. Spare me. #ableg /4
I asked for permission to take the above picture, which they obliged, but I promised my new acquaintances I’d tell my friends and government about their concerns. It was good to go see what was going on, but they definitely deserve safer spaces, or at least a shower. #ableg /5
This problem isn’t gonna go away unless we ask, push and scream for better. /6 #ableg
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