ive seen this on the tl a bunch today so im gonna say this: yes, poc are most definitely disproportionately arrested and incarcerated and something should be done about it. should we be attacking people who are doing it as a tiktok trend? no. yes, people like james charles and- https://twitter.com/popbase/status/1247226523418898432
-other white,rich,privileged tiktokers are never going to be able to understand what poc who are arrested have to go through but why are we ganging up on james for the trend? dide he start it no? he probably only participated for clout like most other influencers on social media-
-and i think its unfair that ppl are ganging up on him specifically. also, ppl can bring this up at any given time and i get that this trend was a good starting point for the conversation to start but if the conversation never even happens then how are these people supposed to-
-know that what theyre doing is wrong and offensive? rather than attack him and others doing the challenge, why dont you educate him and other influencers rather than immediately choosing to attack him over an issue he most likely has very little prior knowledge about? we need to
start educating rather than immediately attacking and insulting. and yes, in cases that are much more serious such as blackface or saying the n-word, of course these ppl have to held accountable but for this challenge, it started out as something that was supposed to be harmless-
-and ppl turned it into something that it wasnt meant to be. yes, the trend shouldve never really been a thing but how bout we educate rather than immediately assume they meant harm in taking oart of the challenge
anyways rant over this kinda makes no sense but ive been thinking about this for a while and it kinda just all came out in this thread
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