1/ Watching all this slow, grinding failure and the mounting death toll because of this low, dumb, corrupt man and his low, dumb, corrupt enablers and his low, dumb, corrupt failspawn doesn't shock me, and I'm sorry for that.

Part of his chaotic method is to...
2/ ...exhaust people with rage and despair and fury. He wants them to just give up and accept his shit. The message is, "I have no shame, no bottom, no limits. Fuck you."

I *wish* we were still shocked by how bad he is as a President and as a man. It's a stain on this country.
3/ I *wish* we weren't surrounded by the credulous and the cretinous and the corrupt who make up the worst of his spider-hole dead-ender Trumphadi cultists who will emulate and adore his mendacity and his ghoulish populism.

In this long road, I've come to a realization about...
4/ ...the Trump cult.

Some of them are just evil, opportunist shitbirds in DC and New York who hate the Trump base in ways they ascribe to people like me, but do it behind closed doors.

The Trump Media Human Centipede are almost all in this category. It's a ratings play...
5/ ...not some principled ideology. Yes, MAGAe, the people at Fox mock you. They know they're feeding you lukewarm shit, laugh as they do it, and profit in the billions. Trust me, you're never getting a beer with them.

Some are political cowards, FOMT victims...
6/ ...Vichy Republicans, ass-wipe wannabe players, and hustlers. And yes, MAGAe, the vast majority of them hate you. They fear you, but they hate you. A lot.

Elected Rs who should be appalled by Trump's failures either pretend of embrace him, or are too cowardly to oppose him.
7/ The "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills" sensation is rational. Everything he does is an improv. There's no strategy. It's all impulse and instinct, and his impulses and instincts are either evil, stupid, or some alchemical slurry of the two.

Like a science fiction monster...
8/ ...he thrives on this chaos and fear and loss. He's fine with the despair as long as the spotlight is on him.

This moment will end. COVID-19 will, eventually recede. Everyone one of you who stayed home, did the social distancing drill, sat through 100 Zoom meetings...
9/ ...took on homeschooling, lived right, wondered how you'd pay the rent or the mortgage, wore a mask, feared for your parents, wondered if you'd have a job in a month...none of it matters to him.

It's never about you, or us. It's always about him.
10/ It's not about the docs, nurses, respiratory therapists, drivers, janitors, health officials, or anyone else on the front line.

It's about *him.* His *ratings.* His *ego.* That's why you have to get and stay angry. There's a fight coming this fall, and it's not over.
11/ Don't think for a moment that Trump and his media minions are going to have a moment of reflection or responsibility.

The narrative already emerging is "The God King Hero Saved Us from the Chinese Soros Liberal Media Plague."

Don't think this leads to victory in Nov on...
12/ ...its own. I wish it did, but we are sinners in the hands of an angry God.

This thread is to remind you that when you're furious at the death toll and his deception, denial, and distraction in the months he *knew* this was coming, that's what you're *supposed* to feel.
13/ Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So endeth the lesson.
14/ Well, one more point. This shitty, terrible, costly exercise should also remind you of something truly profound.

We are a better country than this President. We are better people than this President. We are more compassionate, more giving, more engaged and more...
15/ ...enterprising, more devoted to the country than he will ever be. You'll never have a more stark and wonderful dichotomy between the so-called leader who didn't lead, and the millions of Americans who did.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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