If you can in whatever way you can, it’s really important that we
Support authors
Support indie bookstores
Support libraries

During this super weird time
As a librarian, let me tell you how you can support your library even when they’re closed

Use their digital collections and resources. Those books borrowed and clicks help

Share your public libraries post on social media
While you’re sharing, comment on those posts. Thank the staff for those inline resources, online storytimes, or links to community resources. Those replies can be compiled and used to show community support to legislators & admin.
Every click, share, positive comment, thumbs up, etc helps your local public library even when their doors are closed.

Write your library, your local & state legislators, & let them know you love your local library.
Patron support and feedback is vital for public libraries. I guarantee you your local library is trying to figure out how to best serve AND protect the local community right now. This is unprecedented for everyone. Libraries still need your support.
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