Destresser movie of the day, 4/7/20:

Logan Lucky (2017)
while tons of Brits play Americans, between Joe Bang and Benoit Blanc I think we can say no Brit has more FUN playing American than Daniel Craig.
Destresser Movie of the Day, 4/8/20:

MIDNIGHT RUN (1988.) One of my all-time faves.
A thing I love about this movie is De Niro's Jack Walsh has witty repartee and inside jokes with every recurring character in the film (Marvin, Alonso, etc), but with Grodin's Duke you see a real friendship form over time. Defense mechanism vs real trust/connection.
Destresser Movie of the Day 4/9/20:

TIME BANDITS (1981.) Thought I'd never seen this one properly but bits of it jogged some early memories. Particularly Connery as Agamemnon.
I know Gilliam's an insufferable old crank now but how hard would a mid-80s Terry Gilliam Hitchhiker's Guide adaptation have owned?
yeah in a movie FULL of scene stealers David Warner definitely goes above and beyond. It was also fun to see the origin of Ian Holm's angry french accent in Ratatouille.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/10/20):


Wanted something kinda short, kinda mindless, kinda violent and kinda easy to ignore. And I'll tell ya, 20 minutes in...we're hittin the cycle.
LOL forest wyd that's what Van Damme's ass looks like.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/11/20):

This was a VHS All-Star as a kid. Probably never went more than a fortnight without a viewing. And if you're not watching musicals around Easter when can ya?
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/12/20):


Coen Brothers flicks are an absolute necessity in these times.
ngl, Smalls scared the hell out of me as a kid.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/13/20):

Blazing Saddles (1974.)
I love Cleavon Little in this but among my favorite 'what if' casting scenarios is how the flick would've played with Richard Pryor as Bart.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/14/20):

Like Time Bandits, Kung Fu Hustle is another weird genre-bending cult flick I had long wanted to see but never committed to sitting down and watching. Having a blast with it now.

We've all, presently, got time and need for distraction. So work through your procrastination queue.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/15/20):

JACKASS 3D (2010.)

The healing powers of idiots doing idiot things because they're idiots.
This movie was the only time I didn't regret paying extra for the 3D glasses.
remembered wayyyyyy too fqn late what the Jackass theme music is called.
Destresser Movie of the Day:


The most perfectly immersive B-movie. Characters, dialogue, pacing, suspense, humor, color palette, etc etc. Just look away when the earwigs show up.
Decent odds I duck out before the ending though
For those getting riled, 'b-movie' has never been a pejorative in my vocabulary. To me it's any genre flick sub-2 hours that can happily exist as the second half of a double feature. Pair Wrath of Khan with an Alex Garland or Villeneuve movie and you'll be scifi movie night king.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/17/20):

Any good musical has to give one of the three best songs to the villain. I don't make the rules, Morris & Jerome did.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/18/20):

CLUE (1985.)
Still amazes me they got this unparalleled comedic cast all in one place for a movie about a board game.
Professor Plum works for the World Health Organisation. There's no real escapism anywhere. Everything tethers us in some small way to our devastating reality.
Just, on this maybe my 40th lifetime viewing of Clue, realized that in all three endings the cops and FBI are watching a 6-sided massacre unfold waiting for an inside man to identify a specific suspect.

It's basically Reservoir Dogs.
"it-it- the f - it -flam - flames. Flames, on the sides of my face..."
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/19/20):

SPACE JAM (1996)
'fastball. outside. corner. swing.'
MJ playing for the Birmingham Barons
absolute first time noticing that The Looney Tunes were organized.
how to dress when the NBA returns in 2021
gonna tell my kids this was the moment we all started taking rona seriously
kev it defeats the point of de-stressing when every commercial is 'Bush's Baked Beans recognizes that during these difficult times...'
no joke on that last tweet, I sprang for no-ads Hulu just to avoid them.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/20/20):

PAUL (2011)
Second buddy road movie of this thread after Midnight Run. Strength of this movie is that Pegg & Frost are the fish out of water. Rogen/Lo Truglio's Paul has lived in America for decades, and kind of acts as their tour guide.
Also a good early and dynamic movie role for Kristen Wiig.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/21/20):

Not super into it tonight so I'm going with something I know front to back, with good music, as background noise while I play Slither-Dot-IO. Picking up during the first Spider Gets Shot scene.
Yeah this is only a Destresser for me, I think.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/22/20):

I'm sorry to report I'm one of those guys for whom this movie became a replacement for a personality in the mid-2000s. First time watching it in years, though, and so much of Mike Judge's more subtle jokes held up fantastically.
The way one Bob gently restrains Second Bob to take the lead in roasting Lumbergh...f***ing kills me still.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/23/20):

SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004.)
This movie just keeps getting better with time. Top 5 of the whole genre, still.
Yes! He's effortlessly good as Ock. Emotional, scary, sympathetic, dastardly without ever seeming uneven.
Also first time spotting the Frank Castle cameo. Glad nothing came of it but Raimi puts it in the right moment. Central Park, hyper-melodrama, doves flying, thematically in keeping with premise of Parker cutting himself off from people to protect them.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/24/20):


Yup, to forget about everything else I shamelessly put on the shiny new Netflix thing. It's...fine. Somewhat pleasing in a 90s Dolph Lundgren DVD bin sort of way, down to the super generic title. But with Russo bros $$$
It does have my favorite bad action movie trope. The helicopter arriving at the retired badass's remote cabin so a well-dressed colleague can give them 'one last mission.' Sadly no wood chopping. #Commando #AirWolf #Firefox #TheHunted #Manhunter #StarTrekGenerations #KeyAndPeele
Damn I gotta do Commando for this thread soon. It'll all be pull quotes with no context.
LOL okay the bit where he kicks the s*** out of a bunch of kids was good.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/25/20):

first time seeing this since I was a kid when most of the camp and humor was lost on me.
Yup this is De Palma
Any time Paul Williams isn't singing I just keep waiting for Big Enos to show up
Paul Williams rejecting new acts in his gold record desk like
He's dressed like the Babadook now
A tweet cannot contain all the ways this movie absolutely owns.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/26/20)

BIG NIGHT (1996)
This movie is Swingers for people who've experienced emotional growth since 1996.
Second appearance of Ian Holm affecting an aggressive European accent in this thread.
oh hey Minnie Driver
though tbh I might have a bigger crush on the restaurant's old school espresso machine
Shalhoub chewing basil to freshen his breath is kind of genius
This flick is in the Top 3 for being on theme. Like if Paxil made you hear big band music all day.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/27/20):

HAIL, CAESAR! (2016)
Second Coens entry, but first Deakins!
Clancy Brown AND Christopher Lambert sightings.
ohhhhh I know what we're screening tomorrow
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/28/20):

SNEAKERS (1992.)
A movie about hackers that largely eschews cyberpunk aesthetic for classic Hollywood thriller vibes. Also the one movie about the hacker life that I've heard actual hackers universally praise.
lmao Strathairn does rule in this.
"We turn ourselves in now they'll give us 20 years in the electric chair."
I like this explanation
"Enhancing." Drink!
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/29/20):

SPY (2015.)
Maybe the most piss-your-pants hilarious movie of the last 5 years. And the marketing for it was a war crime.
I never watched The Heat because the trailers looked dreadful and now I'm tempted. No one sell me on it, though, I'd love to beat expectations for once this month.
Destresser Movie of the Day (4/30/20):

every millennial's first favorite skull-masked problematic New York vigilante:
TMNT was edited by the late, great Tarantino collaborator Sally Menke. Just had a scene where two characters have a street fight, one gets hit by a car as the other arms himself with an escalating series of melee weapons. Eventually they will come to a mutual respect.
lol forgot this was made during the 80s/90s 'do you know where your children are' gang scare, so the Foot Clan are a metaphor for juvenile delinquence. As opposed to the cartoon, where they're robots so Leo could actually cut a mofo without parents complaining.
I mean...PARTS of it hold up?
spotted in the Foot Clan Corruption of the Youth Center:

-heavily 90s graffiti'd skateboard pipe directly above 'NARC' arcade game.
-roulette table downwind of spray painting station
-kids gambling real money while drinking Pepsi
-a future oscar winner handing out cigarettes
Shredder's entrance started badass as hell but lost it when he literally says "I am your father" with the exact cadence of Vader.
forgot how sweaty and intense the PG f*** vibes between April O'Neil and Casey Jones were.
Casey reacting threateningly to a misheard insinuation of homosexuality has not aged well, I must say.
though not as disturbing as the at-risk redhead kid only wearing Sid Vicious tee shirts the whole movie. Plural.
It's a new month. We're all tired but hanging in there so tonight, a treat. As promised a week ago, and all one-liner quotes for the rest of the evening...

Destresser Movie of the Day (5/1/2020):

COMMANDO (1985.)
"Downwind? You think I could smell them coming?"

"I did."
'Ever since you had me thrown out of your unit, I've waited to pay you back. You know what today is, Matrix? ... Payday.'
'Any sign of Matrix?'
'no sir just those bodies'
'if he's still alive I'd expect a lot more.'
'you're a funny guy, Sully, I like you. That's why I'm gonna kill you last.'
"Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired."
"attention all units, emergency on the theater level. Suspect six-foot-two, brown hair. He's one gi-gan-tic moth-er-fu-cker."
'Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?'

'That's right Matrix, you did.'
Bill Duke: 'fuck you, asshole' *Click - gun empty*

Arnie: 'Fuck YOU, asshole.' *Punch - fist loaded.'
"You are afraid of Matrix."
" Of course. I'm smart. "
I don't need the gun, John
drunj, but still found the gif
Until the next time. #WeFightForLooOOOoove
Get ready for a gear change...

Destresser Movie of the Day (5/2/2020):

NEWSIES (1992)
starting this one in media res, it was one of like a hundred nostalgia trips I started but didn't finish back when Disney+ launched.
this flick is almost shockingly militant by today's standards, I love it.
"we're a union, just by saying so"

I mean, hfs
Got a banger lined up.I

Destresser Movie of the Day (5/3/2020):

KNIVES OUT (2019.)
I love that it has basically the same B-plot as Who Framed Roger Rabbit
"Beafterfore the carved elephant" LMAO
I try not to gush but my God this movie might be perfect.
It's so hard to create a non-disposable mystery. Something executed so well you'll re-read or rewatch it again and again.
also this movie is hardcore, drool-inducing bookshelf porn. Filthy.
On brand Destresser Movie of the Day (5/4/2020):

tbh I was gonna do one of the Made-for-TV Ewok movies but they're STILL not on Disney+ and Bezos has enough money.
It still rules that Boba Fett went out like a joke.
The speeder bike chase is still a masterclass in sound editing/design. They must've known they had something special cuz there isn't any John Williams in it. Just the echo of those racing engines against the redwoods. You can close your eyes and still feel every turn and brake.
Rebels put on all that camouflage for a behind the lines forest moon stealth mission and bring a shiny-ass gold droid with them. And he ends up the hero.
They know to just whistle past how the Ewoks happened to have a dress in Leia's size
One thing I did like about Rise of Skywalker is it completed a weird-as-hell Palpatine Trilogy with Revenge and ROTJ. Movies less than the sum of their parts but all packed with puppets and wacky locations and a cackling supervillain we never have to think of as redeemable.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/5/2020):

MAN OF TAI CHI (2013.)
'Reluctant martial artist infiltrates underground combat tournament' will never stop being a subgenre that produces watchable gems. This time it's Tiger Chen (fight choreographer on The Matrix and Kill Bill) and the bad guy is Keanu f***ing Reeves.
uh oh, Tiger's first fight is against two guys in Double Dragon duds
Lots of strobe lights so be warned
Keanu has spent much of the flick spying on Tiger and when Tiger does literally anything:
This end boss fight is good because you can see just how much of Neo is still in there. Wasn't just some 1998 six week crash course he forgot in time for Sweet November or whatever the f***
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/6/2020):

In the 80s you could have a comedy classic with three or four solid sight gags and a half dozen zingers. I feel we've lost that in the Tomatometer era. What of the Fletches, the Caddyshacks, the Bachelors Party?
This is still a perfectly empathetic movie to have on when you've just moved in and everything's echoing off the walls because there's no furniture for sound absorption.
The contractors arrive
Godunov is hysterical in this.
Destresser [and boy do I fkn need it] Movie of the Day (5/7/2020):

Another Bill Murray entry but apparently it's been Frank Oz keeping me sane this week. Directed this (and, earlier, Little Shop) and had roles in ROTJ and Knives Out.
Dreyfuss deserves everything he gets because his first move is to upsell Bob with his crappy book.
Murray does a really great job portraying incremental progress.
'could you get that tomato off there please?'
Reg Cathey sighting. Awesome.
'Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schizophrenic and so am I'
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/8/2020):

Self-aware enough to know this movie played an outsized influence on my #brand. But mostly chose this tonight because the soundtrack was put together by Joe Strummer (RIP)
Successive movies about reluctant therapists terrified of their eager-to-improve patients.
Reminder that Martin Blank is a Templar Scab
My high school self when he asks his old English teacher 'are you still inflicting that awful Ethan Frome damage?'
oh Hey Minnie Driver
When lockdown actually lifts and we all see each other again
"Me? Go G? On you? Neverrrr."
"This is me breathing."
That hallway fight set to Mirror in the Bathroom still holds up. #TakeCareOfYourselfKenThankYouForThePen
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/9/2020)

Rust Belt Apollo 13. The Shawshank Redemption of disaster movies. Eminently watchable. Tony Scott at his very best.
The perfect movie for when there's nothing left in the house but light beer.
A period of sustained, diverting and crescendoing tension that reaches a satisfyingly cathartic climax.

Make of that what you will.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/10/2020):

one of those movies that's so good it's hard to livetweet. Just ends up direct quotes and gushing.
I love how blissfully low-budget it is. The sets are styrofoam, the score is synthesized. The effect is that you are laser-focused on a brilliant screenplay and unparalleled cast. I wouldn't change a frame.
it's a bit weird that the hero is the hero because he spent a few years as a supervillain.
The rodent of unusual size dying always bugged me a bit. I think it's the vaguely Fozzy Bear-ish screams.
I wouldn't be opposed to a TV series set within the same canon (and centering all new characters), but yeah, don't screw with perfection.
I'm pretty certain Cary Elwes is the only actual Brit in the main cast
First time ever catching the line "what hideous sin have you committed lately?"
okay alright




So long.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/11/2020):

I've never actually seen this one. Parents absolutely refused to let me see it in theaters and I hadn't bothered since because I figured there was no way it could equal how awesome that trailer looked to 9 year old me.
Oh hell yeah that theme right from hitting PLAY
third 'illegal underground martial arts tournament' entry and I've barely scratched the surface of the genre.
Shang Tsung isn't even hiding that his real aim is to blood sacrifice a bunch of people and usher in the apocalypse, and still there's random TapOut type guys acting like 'well, here's my big break maybe I'll get sponsors!'
ME: mostly bored watching this, not gonna lie

*Reptile pops up our of nowhere and starts kicking Liu Kang's ass*

Destresser Movie of the Day (5/12/2020):

Another first time viewing. But y'all sold me.
well this is delightful.

That's it. That (might be) the livetweet.
okay can't let "that's some Five Eyes s*** right there" zip by without a note of appreciation.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/13/20):

Pouring one out for Adam
Liv Tyler and Charlize Theron, to their enormous credit, make this movie hit the bare minimum of the Bechdel test within the first 15 minutes.
Their first performance is fantastic as the band and then the audience gradually catch up to Guy's tempo. Hard thing to capture in the edit booth.
Bless Tom Banks for recognizing Steve Zahn's unique 90s capacity for scene-stealing.
I'm keeping 'Tom Banks' because I am not breaking this damn thread. Accept my flaws, heathens.
I follow too many Marines because 'oh really, boot?' got too much of a laugh out of me.
Guy is the coolest movie character to ever spend 70% of the movie being an obnoxious fanboy.
Another night another band flick.

Destresser Movie of the Day (5/14/20):

they even get on stage broken up
Talking Heads were the only cool band I discovered through my parents.
convinced David Byrne has never been to the gym he just performs a 40 minute set in a tailored suit every morning
Love that they let the Tom Tom Club take over when Byrne needs time to put on the big suit.
legit tho, this thread has helped me stay sane the last 5 weeks. Too often I was strung out and deciding how to unwind became its own anxiety-inducing question. Having a set thing to do and the slightest responsibility to share a bit about it has helped.

Gonna keep it going.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/15/20):

No idea if that gif's from the movie. This one's a bit obscure, haven't seen it since VHS. And had to get my entry in before midnight, lest this thread grow a Mohawk and try to ruin Christmas.
digging Ralph Richardson's jaded, sardonic wizard character.
Oh well
I think Janosz the Sorceror bit off a bit more than he could chew, folks
Totally holding up thus far. Pre-LOTR fantasy flicks have such a unique, homespun quality. Conan, Princess Bride, Willow, Army of Darkness they all relished their moderate budget charms.
GALEN: your children were dying.

KING: only a few...
Sign of great genre fare. I'm here for super 80s fantasy aesthetic and the kid from Porky's facing off against a knockoff Smaug. I'm staying for delightfully subversive themes on class privilege and gender identity.
loudmouth human villain is flexing right next to the Dragon pit. Hmmm...where's this going
lol guess I owe Janosz a coke
k creature effects are fan-f***ing-tastic
score, the gif was from the movie!
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/16/20):

For a week that went heavy on weird band movies, a movie that too perfectly satirized the excess of 2000s musical biopics.
'I've gone nose blind, ma.'

Obligatory mention that Dewey's parents are Mags Bennett and Arlo Givens
The Beatles scene f***in kills me.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/17/20):

AIRPLANE! (1980.)
The film that took a who's who of serious and accomplished dramatic actors and pigeon holed them into screwball comedies for the rest of their lives.
A lot of credit for this flick's timelessness has to go to cinematographer Joseph Biroc, an Oscar-winning DP who previously shot It's a Wonderful Life, Viva Las Vegas, The Longest Yard.

Every shot frames the absurdity with professional composition & a classic tinseltown glow.
I imagine the Zuckers cattle prodded anyone not named Stephen Stucker caught smiling during a take.
We live two lives. The life before we realize 'Airplane' makes the jet plane sound like a turboprop for the whole movie, and then our life of true consciousness.
James motherf***ing Hong as the Japanese General who commits seppuku than listen to Ted's boring missionary story.
I was on the fence about which movie to screen tomorrow but this tweet unintentionally sealed it. Stay tuned. ;-)
Keep forgetting this movie is why The Godfather features only the second most disturbing 'horse head in a bed' scene.
My aesthetic is every role Jonathan Banks had before Breaking Bad. "What an asshole."
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/18/20):

This movie's that sort of weird mashup of satirical comedy, Planet Hollywood shoot em up and high concept sci fi that thrived in the 1990s.
mass surveillance swear jar feels like an inevitability.
gonna be honest this is mostly background noise which I think is the true Destresser value of dumb action movies.
Reporter: how can you justify destroying a $7 million mini mall to rescue a girl whose random was only $25000?

Little Girl on Stallone's shoulder: Fuck you, lady!

holy shit hahaha
SANDRA: we're not used to physical contact greetings.

SLY: you're out of toilet paper.

wtf is this movie again?
First time I saw this I was so convinced the story was setting up Sandra Bullock to be Stallone's descendant that when they start getting romantical I was cringing for the whole last hour.
Denis Leary clearly just playing Bill Hic-err I mean himself. #hahagoodjokeRogan
Oh, fun, Snipes neutralizes the biggest obstacle to perpetuating his dream cartoon dystopia by enlisting the services of Jesse Ventura. Not really seeing any present day real world significance though no sir.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/19/20):

This entire franchise exists as a gigantic f*** you to the idea Canadians are inherently polite.
I have a tumbler exactly like Julian's and I suspect the subconscious knowledge of that keeps me away from liquor.
I am irrationally invested in seeing the Boys Fast Five that movie theater Looney machine
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/20/20):


Get ready for some gifs
If you've never seen this, it's a movie about an FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of bank-robbing surfers. It is far far better in every possible way than it has any right to be.
This, Ferris Bueller and Casino Royale. That's the top 3.
Also, aesthetically it is the most 90s movie to ever 90s.
The bit where Keanu gets his ass kicked by the lady in the shower is such a great subversion of action movie tropes. Pays the price for dismissing her as a screaming innocent bystander. I think in the script she's even called FREIGHT TRAIN or something.
We will NOT be watching Bad Boys II after this.
Somebody posted this already but didn't post it a second time so
The skydiving scenes are the extreme sports bank robbing action flick equivalent of whatever ASMR folks are into. So soothing.
lol I've seen this I don't know how many times and I'm still on the edge of my seat. Masterclass in suspense, emotional buy-in, and payoff.
Aaaand another one in the books. Last few entries have been kinda intense. I think we'll do something with talking animals tomorrow.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/21/20):

RANGO (2011.)
This is one of, like, three Johnny Depp movies I'd consider including in this thread. Just a disclaimer.
The prospect of playing a cartoon lizard apparently made it easier for Depp to speak in largely his normal voice for the first time in 20 years. So if you miss Gilbert Grape, here you go.
Ostensibly a kids movie but really one big ode to the New Hollywood wave and all the movies you come to love in your 20s.
I know it's mostly a call back to Chinatown but this is a 2011 movie featuring a desert villain who cultivates a devoted following by forcing folks into weekly rituals around a water spigot.

Granted Miller started shooting Fury Road in like 2006 or something but...
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/22/20):


Haven't even seen a trailer. Going in as cold as possible on the strength of this hysterical netflix promo image.
Granted it's an R-rated Michael Showalter spoof but kinda wild that it took a pandemic for me to willingly watch a disposable romcom on its opening weekend. And to be so far having a blast.
spit take @ "focus back on me, little Bret Kavanaugh"
I'm enjoying "Lovebirds" for Money Pit reasons. Seen better, there's not tons about it that's original...But its got solid banter between two lightning-hot comedic leads as they navigate and riff through some genre tropes taken to a slightly sharper edge.
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/23/20):


get ready for the out of context line reads that keep me in stitches.
"do you take drugs, Danny?"
"every day"
"Good. So what's the problem?"
"Don't you have HOMES?"
"no, that guy was Mitch Cumstein..."
'Chuck Schick' is just an all-time great made up comedy name. HFS every time
"Well tanks fur nuttin!"
Destresser Movie of the Day (5/24/20):

Never really seen this. But this weekend calls for mainstream blockbusters and this thread calls for more Nicolas Cage.
Basic vibe seems to be a heavily Bruckheimer'd Goonies?
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