Tonight, I released Alberta’s re-launch strategy, for once we are past the peak of #COVID19AB.

This plan will gradually open up our economy and prevent a second wave of this virus from occurring.

My full address tonight below.👇
Our first step will implement aggressive mass testing, with new tests coming online.

We will identify more positive cases, and those with immunity, quicker than ever.

We’ll continue to lead the world in testing, running as many as 20,000 tests per day. #COVID19AB
The second step is ensuring we trace close contacts of those who are infected, to help prevent further spread.

We’ve done this better than other Canadian provinces to date, and will keep expanding on it. #COVID19AB
Third - Canada waited too long to close our borders, especially from countries with high infection rates.

Alberta can’t control who flies here, but we will absolutely screen and quarantine international arrivals much more rigorously than the federal government. #COVID19AB
The fourth step is strict enforcement of quarantine orders.

The vast majority of Albertans have followed public health orders.

For the few that don’t, we will enforce the law, and use new tools as necessary to protect public health. #COVID19AB
Last but not least, we will undertake mass procurement of masks for public use, especially in crowded spaces.

Mask usage in other areas, when used safely with other public health measures, has helped to reduce the spread.

There’s no reason it can’t work here as well. #COVID19AB
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