Of 9 million insurance records reviewed, 14k LUPUS patients identified taking (hCQ) Hydroxychloroquine,
Dr Oz found ZERO
NONE of the 14k have developed #COVID19 infection.
April 7 w/ @seanhannity,
& @POTUS just mentioned adding ZINC on the show🔥
@seanhannity repeated Rheumatologist Dr Daniel Wallace who runs the Nation's LARGEST LUPUS practice at Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles:
Hydroxychloroquine is long tested for Safety, rare rash side effect.
To NOT try it for #COVID19 per SAFETY concern is fallacy!
Also last night, @seanhannity noted LA Doc Anthony Cardillo's report of dramatic response to all symptomatic #COVID19 patients w/in 8-12 hrs when given combo Tx,
hCQ + ZINC, mimicing NY Dr Zelenko's findings.

Awesome that @POTUS finally dropped ZINC on the show tonight!
And @DrOz isn't through.
He hopes to review at least 100 MILLION records w/ Medicare & other Insurances to see if there are ANY chronic patients on Hydroxychloroquine who've been diagnosed w/ #COVID19.

@IngrahamAngle still hitting it hard on Hydroxychloroquine #FakeNews nightly.

Observational or Retrospective clinical data is still data, esp if you see massive patterns.
At some point, double-blind controlled Prospective studies can be unethical when you know a drug works.
In fact,
How many routine vaccines have undergone rigorous
 double-blinded randomized clinical trials to prove safety efficacy?
Unless we have another disaster FF tomorrow,
@IngrahamAngle to interview @TheJusticeDept boss man
AG Barr.
Reminder from Last night:
Original case study last month Dr Didier Raoult (France)
just told Dr Oz on soon to be published Observational (Prospective) clinical study:
1000 hospitalized #COVID19 patients successfully Tx using hCQ.
That's 1000 sick victims!! https://twitter.com/DontDregMeBro/status/1247445494726455297?s=20
Just Wow!!

Can't believe how calmly Dr Mark Segal remained in this segment w/ @TuckerCarlson in the face of all the #FakeNews REEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

His 96 y/o father started doing poorly w/ #COVID19, was given Hydroxychloroquine,
>>> started recovering out of bed the next day!
MI State Rep Whitsett & her Dr discussed the TIMELY intervention using Hydroxychloroquine w/ @TuckerCarlson bcuz of @realDonaldTrump Pressers that literally saved her life as she began spiraling w/ #COVID19 at home.
@POTUS also tweeted 2x yesterday per her great clinical outcome.
@TuckerCarlson asked rational questions any thinking one of us already have Re: this hyper-shutdown mantra from the Left.

Who would benefit from over-projected models & EXTENDED national shutdown???
& like the Task Force Presser today...
Most disturbing Q:
Are Cause of Death tallies being intentionally fudged?

Eg, if a knife stab patient or a severe asthmatic present to the ER w/ difficulty breathing, then dies, ...are they being TESTED to FIND & report #COVID19 as COD?
People are wondering how can just a Virus completely shutdown our Nation unlike ANYTHING we've ever seen before to this degree, ...not even during the Great Wars.

Yet, even before NEW more expensive drugs need to be developed, what if by just RE-PURPOSE?
Another case in point: IVERMECTIN.

Amazing new in vitro (in glass, AKA, 'test tube') study from AUSTRALIA this week examined the effect of ONE equivalent dose against #COVID19,
& WOW!

Why are we just NOW considering this, given that it's already APRIL? https://twitter.com/DontDregMeBro/status/1247528004927909894?s=20
That moment from tonight

Dr Mark Segal on Hydroxychloroquine & the
96 y/o father https://twitter.com/Condor_Law/status/1247687802134736896?s=19
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