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Bakugo and Uraraka get quarantined together after a mission and a game of chicken ensues.

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Bakugo and Uraraka deboarded from the private plan that had brought them back to Japan to be met by multiple unknown persons wearing full protective medical gear. They were just returning from a mission abroad, sent ahead by their internship mentors to return to their classwork.
But it was clear that wouldn’t be happening.

“Oi, what the fuck is going on here?” Bakugo demanded of the unfortunate soul who happened to be the closest.

He was hungry, tired, sore, and absolutely not in the mood to deal with whatever the hell this was.
“Ah- Mr. Ground Zero, Ms. Uravity. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but it appears that during your recent mission you may have been exposed to a villain whose quirk causes severe respiratory distress...
...It is unclear how soon the illness manifests, or whether it is contagious. As such, we are here to place you under a mandatory quarantine and will transport you to a nearby off-campus apartment where you will spend the next two weeks.”
“Thank you for the information, but I’m wondering if maybe we can see your identification before we proceed any further?” Uraraka suggested. Many saw her as being a cheery, easy going rescue hero, but she was also perceptive and intelligent.
She knew her current and former teachers would be positively outraged if she didn’t take necessary precautions.

After the multiple attempts made on her class, she had learned it was better to be suspicious if it meant staying safe.
After the proper badges and paperwork had been shown, the young hero then insisted that both she and Bakugo be allowed to call Ryukyu and Mirko, respectively, in order to obtain further confirmation.
With a sinking heart, she heard as her mentor informed her that the teams who had stayed behind had also been placed on quarantine and it all was, in fact, quite legitimate.
Uraraka cursed her luck that of all her classmates and the people in general she would have to spend the next two weeks with the explosive blonde. There were far worse options, of course, and she shuddered at the thought of being trapped with the tiny pervert flitted.
It was true that over the past two and a half years, she and Bakugo had developed a tenuous partnership at best. She appreciated his respect for her and his ability to constantly push her to her limits.
But it was rather difficult to look past the the face that he was rude and dismissive to everyone.

Plus, she was fairly sure that he didn’t care for her company and why would she want to be around someone who didn’t want to spend time with her?

She wasn’t entirely wrong.
Bakugo respected the tiny brunette and her unshakeable determination that seemed to nearly match his own. However, he found her to be annoying in her constant badgering of him to be nicer to the fucking nerd and the other extras.
And it hadn’t escaped his notice that he somehow always went along with what she wanted. He wasn’t quite sure why it seemed to happen this way, he just knew that she wielded some odd power over him.
It was probably because anyone would have found it impossible to deny her when her big brown eyes widened and her eyebrows furrowed in supplication.
Now that they were in their third year at UA, he had found himself paired with her often in the field, as the two agencies they interned at worked together closely. He had learned to tolerate her, but he still thought she was rather bossy and hard headed.
Still, he could have been stuck with someone who was more annoying, so he guessed he would do his best to avoid her and just try to keep the peace.
The agents who delivered them to the apartment explained that they would really be limited in their access to the outside, other than a small private patio.
All of their basic necessities would be delivered to the apartment and they could submit specific requests for their food preferences. Online ordering of items was also allowed, so long as they specified that items should be left at the door.
The space that would be their home for the next 14 days contained everything the two students could possibly need - an expensive entertainment system with a large array of movies, various gaming consoles, individual laptops, and a selection of books.
There was also a small area in the living room that had workout equipment and a treadmill.

All things considered, it could have been much worse.
Bakugo was just settling into his room, unpacking his few belongings and making mental notes of what items he should request from his dorm when he heard a soft knock at his door. Opening it he saw his new roommate bouncing from foot to foot with her hands behind her back.
She was clearly nervous.

“Um, Bakugo, I know we aren’t exactly friends, but I was thinking maybe we could put past differences aside given the situation?” A light blush had colored her round cheeks as she spoke, but to her detriment she had avoided eye contact.
If she had, he would have been done for.

“Why the fuck would we do that?” Bakugo muttered through gritted teeth.

There was no way that a spending more time with this feisty girl would do anything but make him weaker to her influence.
“Well, we will be able to call our friends and family, but it could get really lonely!” She was looking at him now, but there was fire in her eyes that only served to challenge the blonde rather than persuade him.
“I don’t need your damn pity friendship. I’ll be fine. It’s two fucking weeks.” He sneered as he slammed the door, but not before seeing her huff and stalk away angrily.

It was for the best though.
Bakugo didn’t need any distractions and he sure as hell didn’t need to be vulnerable with anyone, only to have it used against him. He hoped that the discussion would have been enough to cause her to keep her distance.

But he underestimated her need for revenge.
He woke sleepily the next morning and bumbled around the kitchen preparing a cup of coffee. Turning to lean against the counter as he brought the mug to his lips, he began to choke on the hot liquid at the sight in front of him.
Across the apartment but clearly in his line of sight, Uraraka stood bent at the waist with her legs wide apart in a deep stretch. The blonde’s eyes trailed from her dainty feet up her powerful legs that were clad in a sinfully tight pair of leggings.
He felt his cock stir as her ass came into view and when she stood and brought her arms above her head in a stretch that rolled all the muscles in her back and shoulders, he swore he saw stars.
She was oblivious to his presence as a soft melody could be heard from her headphones and she continued to move through various stretches and yoga poses without once glancing towards him.
Bakugo was sure she was doing this on purpose. This must be how she got back at him for his refusal of her proposal the evening before. Why else would she be exercising, in the common area, wearing next to nothing?
A small voice in the back of his mind whispered that her attire was actually in style for womens’ athletic gear and it did make sense that she would be practicing yoga, given how flexible he knew her to be from their fieldwork.
But he quickly pushed reason aside, growling to himself at her poorly veiled attempts to make him suffer.

Two could play this game.

He returned to his bedroom, still unnoticed by the brunette, and began to formulate a plan.
Uraraka emerged from their shared bathroom a short while later, toweling her hair and feeling the sense of blissful relaxation that always followed a good flow and shower.
She squeaked in indignation when she crashed right into her companion and felt her face begin to burn as she realized he was shirtless, with his tight running pants slung low on his hips.
In her surprise, she had steadied herself against him and now found her hands resting on a set of very defined abs. Looking up to meet his gaze, she saw as he lifted one eyebrow and smirked deviously before removing her hands and turning to the living room.
A loud playlist began to pulse through the speakers and she peeked around the corner to see him begin a bodyweight workout, still only wearing those stupid pants.

What was he playing at?
She tried furiously to recall all the times she had seen him working out at the campus gym, and she couldn’t recall a single time that he had been shirtless. Sure, there were days when he wore those cut out tanks that showed basically his entire chiseled side and stomach.
But did he ever work out without a shirt on?

She jumped when his eyes met hers, still watching him, and hastily retreated around the corner and to her room.
She considered sending a text to the other girls in her class, but determined that this was an issue she likely needed to sort out for herself. Their classmates had teased her and Bakugo pretty consistently for his rare compliments to her and her ability to tame his temper.
Uraraka wasn’t particularly thrilled at the idea of adding fuel to any rumors of a anything happening between them.

Of course, she considered Bakugo to be attractive and he was a strong and capable hero. But his attitude left much to be desired.
All things aside, she knew that Bakugo would never be interested in any sort of relationship, especially with her. If he didn’t even want to be friends, there was no way he'd consider a more intimate arrangement.

But clearly he was intent on making her suffer and she could give it just as good. Uraraka would be damned before she lost to him again.

Over their first week in the apartment, there was a clear progression in their antics as each hero-in-training tried to outdo the other.
The evening after the shirtless exercise incident, Urakaka took care to wait until she heard his door open as he went to prepare dinner, timing it perfectly so that she stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.
Bakugo was forced to grab hold of her hips in order to keep from bowling her over and she smirked when his eyes widened as he realized that she was naked underneath.

He took this as an act of war and extended his shirtless preference to all activities around the apartment.
If he was cooking, cleaning, playing video games, even just lounging on the couch, Bakugo ensured that the brunette had a good view of his chiseled chest, back, arms, and shoulders.
On more than one occasion he caught her staring at him wide eyed, though she was quick to look defiant as soon as she realized his gaze rested on her.
Uraraka decided to start exercising in tiny shorts and sports bras, making sure that her sweaty nightly runs coincided with the time that Bakugo would join his friends online to play.
She laughed to herself on the first night when he lost a few matches due to the distraction that was her heavy breathing as she set the treadmill to a steep incline and ran sprints.

It wasn’t until too late that Uraraka realized just how far she had pushed him.
- End of Part 1 of 4 -
Uraraka was cooking a simple dinner exactly a week after they had arrived when she felt a sudden invasion of her space as a chest grazed her back while a muscled arm came into her periphery. He leaned into her as he reached over her, seemingly oblivious to the proximity.
Turning with her lips pursed in annoyance, she saw a spark in his eyes that told her he was doing it on purpose, but she couldn’t stop herself from reacting.

“A little close there, don’t you think, Bakugo?”
“I need the hot sauce for my dinner and your round cheeks are blocking the way,” he replied with a smirk.

“Enough about my cheeks! Why are you always bringing attention to them!? I know my face is round, it’s an actual shape that faces can have you know!”
His grin widened, “Who said I was talking about your face?”

“E- Eh?” She was really in danger now, as she had turned towards him in the midst of her rant and now felt her chest barely brushing against his.
He had moved even closer to her, like a predator circling its prey, as his intense gaze met hers.

“Your face isn’t the only thing that’s round about you,” he whispered, breath tickling her face.

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“Do you want it to be?”
She flushed at the thought and her breath hitched. She was unable to come up with a witty response as her mind flooded with the implications of those six words, and the impish grin returned to his face when he realized his victory.
With his arms bracketing her there was no easy escape route other than to push right through him. In the brief moment she took to consider whether to use her quirk on him, Bakugo gave her one last knowing look before returning to his dinner.
She huffed, turning back to her meal only to realize it had burned during their heated exchange. Tossing it into the garbage she grabbed a packet of mochi before stomping back to her room and slamming the door.
Bakugo wasn’t able to get her flustered face off his mind for the rest of the evening. He may have won that particular battle, but it felt like he was losing the war. With every escalation he was finding it harder and harder to resist her.
He had outwardly maintained a calm composure, but inwardly he wanted nothing more than to push her up against the counter and devour her.
That night in bed he tugged at his cock languidly as he imagined what she would taste like as his tongue explored her mouth, or the soft whimpers that would escape her when he kissed a trail down to the apex of her thighs.
Would she grab his hair and grind against his face, using him as she chased her own pleasure?

Would she allow him to flip her over and take her punishingly from behind?

He nearly came as he imagined how delicious her ass would look from that angle.
Bakugo was fairly certain that nothing had fundamentally changed between them. He still thought she was overbearing and she only saw him as being an asshole -- though he doubted she’d ever actually call him that.

But that didn’t necessarily mean the sex couldn’t be good.
They had undeniable chemistry on the field and though she might not like him off the field, there was no rule saying you had to like someone to find release with them.

Wasn’t that what hate sex was all about?
Now, that wasn't to say he hated her. But if people who did hate each other could still have toe curling, earth shattering sex, then why couldn’t two people who tolerated each other at best and annoyed each other at worst?
The issue was, he didn’t know how she felt about it. Sure she had slowly taken to wearing less and less clothing around the apartment, but he was fairly certain that it was more a function of her rising to his challenge than an open invitation for him to make a move on her.
While she had looked aroused as he caged her against him, he might have just mistaken it for what was actually embarrassment. It wasn’t as though he was thinking clearly through the lust filled haze that had thoroughly consumed his thoughts of late.
With one final stroke he let his cock fall from his hands and determined that he would make no further moves, even in the privacy of his fantasies, without knowing where she stood.
He wasn’t exactly sure just how he would ascertain this bit of information since straight up asking her was absolutely out of the question. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself, in the event she wasn’t actually interested.
So it was decided that the best option would be for him to just wait. He had made the last move and if she continued the pattern that they’d fallen into then he knew she would be challenging it soon.
Uraraka remained undecided throughout the following day on what her next move should be. She wasn’t ready to back down, but she realized that they were flirting with a boundary that couldn’t be uncrossed once they stepped over it.
Plus, there was a chance that she had misread what she thought was flirting for the constant banter with which he taunted opponents.

She knew that he loved to get adversaries riled up so they'd be more likely to misstep.
There really wasn’t much more she could do clothes-wise other than strut around in her panties and bra. While she wasn’t quite ready to take that big of a step, it gave her an idea. Quickly placing an order for overnight delivery, she chuckled to herself as a plan began to form.
The package arrived on the ninth day of their isolation and Uraraka was nearly giddy with excitement, but she waited until he had retired to his room for the evening before she set her plan in motion.
Slipping on black lingerie with orange detailing, she positioned herself in front of the mirror with her hips jutted to one side, a finger bit lightly between her lips. She took a photo, captioning it, “Quarantine got me so bored,” before sending it via Snapchat to her roommate.
Uraraka only waited less than a minute before a soft explosion sounded from the room next door followed by a chain of expletives. She saw as the typing bubbles appeared before receiving his response.
King Explodo: Wtf Cheeks!?

Baby Mochi: Oops, sorry! Wrong person!

King Explodo: Really? How stupid do you think I am? You’re wearing orange and black lingerie.

Baby Mochi: Oooh sorry, I didn’t realize the color scheme was a Ground Zero trademark?
Baby Mochi: Besides, if it really was for your benefit, why would I send it to you when you’re right next door and I could just show you in person?

King Explodo: Is that an offer?

Baby Mochi: Do you want it to be?
She giggled to herself at the cleverness of throwing his words back at him before starting on phase two of her plan. Plugging in a wand that promised unparalleled pleasure, she smiled as the toy buzzed to life.
In the stillness of the apartment she was sure he could hear it, but that didn’t stop her from releasing a soft moan as she brought it to her clit. Half of the moan was for show, since she really did want to torture him, but the other half was real.
Uraraka hadn’t realized up until that point just how much pent up tension she had after their week-long game.

She saw new notifications on the app logo, but decided to ignore it in favor of the sweltering heat that was now building in her toes.
Right as she was about to fall over the edge, she heard her phone begin to vibrate and looking down saw ‘Mr. Explosion Murder’ flash across the screen.

“What do you want, Bakugo?” she answered, more breathlessly than intended.
“Are you masturbating?” His voice was gravely and it sent a shiver through her.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business. You made it pretty clear you don’t want anything to do with me.” She bit her lip to stop a moan from escaping as silence filled the line.
“If you don’t have anything to say then I’ll be getting back to what I was doing-”

“Wait,” he interrupted, sounding slightly desperate, “I’m sorry for acting like a dick when you offered to be friends.”
“Is that all, Katsuki?” her voice betrayed her at the end, wavering slightly as a small wave of pleasure shook through her.

“What else is there?”

For being one of the top students in their class, the boy was seriously dense.
“How about for torturing me all week by parading around half naked?”

“You started that when you did that stretching routine the our first morning here wearing those skin tight pants!”

“My yoga pants?! Those are supposed to be tight, you idiot!”
He barked back, “Well it was still pure torment watching you bend over in them, so no, I’m not sorry for giving you a taste of your own medicine!”

“Fuck you, Katsuki, don’t fucking talk to me again!”
She aggressively smashed the ‘end call’ button before pressing against her clit harder, the vibrations sending her to a blissful climax that she made sure could be heard throughout the entire apartment.
Bakugo stared at his black phone screen as he heard brunette finish with a loud moan that she hadn’t even tried to muffle.

What the actual fuck had just happened?

He had actually apologized.

He had been seconds from asking her to let him in her room.
Or to at least video call him.

And then it all spiraled out of control.

Almost as if it were inevitable, they had started arguing.

Was it even possible for them to have a conversation without going for each others’ throats?
He groaned in frustration as he released his still hard cock from his loose shorts, rubbing it in tight, rapid motions as he pictured her supple body in the lingerie that was definitely in his colors and the way his name fell so easily from her lips.
When she had cursed and called him Katsuki in the same sentence? It was almost too much to bear. Bakugo panted as he reached his end, quickly grabbing a tissue to spill into but wishing all along it was her beautiful breasts or her velvet core instead.
He knew he was going back on his earlier promise to himself by fantasizing about her, but she wasn't playing fair.

Falling into a troubled sleep, he was haunted by dreams of her plump lips, her dainty hands, and her creamy thighs.
He wasn’t quite sure what he would do when morning finally arrived, but it seemed she had made the decision for him.

Bakugo watched from the kitchen the following morning as she gathered her yoga mat and marched back to her room, slamming the door behind her.
He caught a glimpse of her, still dressed in far too little clothing, as she heated up instant ramen in the microwave before retreating again to her space.
Sure that she would at least maintain her nightly run, he found himself logging off disappointedly after several distracted matches of waiting for her to arrive.

He refused to apologize for playing a game that she had started, so perhaps this was the end.
But he should have known better if he thought she would let him concede without a formal surrender. Just as he was falling to sleep, his phone buzzed, alerting him to an incoming text.
He opened the message from ‘Sweet Cheeks’ to be met by a taunting photo of her luscious lower lip pinched between her teeth, and the pale mounds of her breasts pushed together by that damn black and orange bra.
His cock swelled at the sight and he nearly missed that she had included a brief message that read, “Does the great Lord Explosion Murder yield?”

Tch, there was a fat chance of that happening.
Clicking on the camera icon, he angled the device to capture in vivid detail his abs and groin. Right before taking the photo, he decided on using his other hand to slip the waist of his pants down just a bit, revealing more of the defined trails that led to his cock.
It was clear that he was sporting what looked to be at least a semi hardon, but fuck it. She had masturbated with him on the phone, he was simply amping up his tactics to match hers.
Taking a quick glance at the photo before hitting send, he quickly typed his response, “Fuck no. Your move, Princess.”

Her lack of response was all he needed to know the competition was back on.
On the eleventh day of their quarantine, Uraraka started the morning by goading Bakugo into make her breakfast, sitting on the counter to keep him company in the sports bra and shorts she was now accustomed to practicing yoga in.
She knew he was unable to keep his gaze from traveling down to her exposed skin and laughed jovially when he nearly burned the omelette in his distracted state.
He asked her later on if she could help him stretch and she gulped audibly at the feeling of her hands pressed into his sweaty, thick lower back as she pushed him forward into a deep lean.
With the pace things were happening, she found herself using her new toy more and more often to relieve the pressure that seemed constant in her core, though she had taken to being discreet about it.
She wasn’t quite sure exactly how else she could proceed, other than creating more physical contact. While he hadn’t been afraid to invade her space, it fit with his naturally brash personality. But she wasn’t sure how he would feel about her doing the same to him.
Even if they weren’t friends, it hadn’t escaped her notice that he often flinched or recoiled from attempts at close physical contact that weren't related to fighting.
It seemed like he had always been rather prickly, but she felt as though his limited tolerance had only further decreased following the events of their first year. Although she wanted to win this competition, she wasn’t willing to force unwanted touches on him.
She tossed and turned through the night, before finally getting up to make herself some tea in the early hours of the morning.
- End of Part 2 of 4 -
Despite all of the various tantalizing outfits Uraraka had teased him with thus far, he had yet to see her nighttime attire, though this was the farthest thing from her mind as she made her way to the small kitchen.
Setting a pot of water to boil, she went through the soothing, familiar motions of brewing her cup of tea before walking to sit on the sofa in silence.
She was startled to see his figure laying across it and she tried to turn quietly in an attempt to retreat before he realized she was there. But nothing escaped him.

“Oi, what are you doing up?” he asked, his eyes still closed.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to make tea. Do you want some?” she offered.

Uraraka had been looking down at her mug, afraid that she was intruding on some private moment, and didn’t realize the silence that lingered between them.
“What are you wearing?” he asked finally, in a strained voice.

“O- Oh, this old thing…” she stuttered, unsure of how to explain herself.

“Is that Ground Zero merchandise?”
“Yes, Mina asked Momo to make some shirts for the Sports Festival after the Big Three of our class were announced earlier in the year, and it didn’t feel right to wear my own merchandise so…”

“Why wouldn’t you wear Deku’s?”
“Why would I?”

“I thought he was your best friend or something,” he spat.


“So why would you wear mine? You don’t even like me, Princess.”
“I don’t have to like you to want to be like you, Bakugo. I’ve always admired your work ethic and unapologetic passion to be the best. So I wear it to remind myself of everything I could be.”

“That’s the corniest fucking shit I’ve ever heard.”
“Yeah, well fuck you too,” she said coldly and turned, ready to leave.

“Wait, are you wearing anything underneath??”

She bristled with indignation, lifting the hem of the shirt to show black cotton panties, “Of course I am! The shirt just covers them!”
A strained groan escaped him before he muttered, “I give up, you win.”


“I can’t keep playing whatever game this is. So you win.”

Of all the things she could have schemed and planned for, Uraraka would have never guessed it would be a GZ shirt that would break Bakugo.
But she’d take the victory.

“What do I win?” she asked, interest in the conversation renewed.

“What do you want?”


“No, lie to me,” he scoffed sarcastically.

“You’re insufferable.”

“Just tell me what you want, Princess.”
Pausing for effect, she waited until his ruby eyes met hers before speaking. “You.”

Bakugo thought he must be hearing things. The pent up sexual frustration had finally worked its way to his brain and caused him to have hallucinations.

“Come again?”

“I want you, Katsuki.”
There it was again, his damn name sounding too perfect from her lips. He reached out, pulling her to him and laughing genuinely as she activated her quirk on the cup of tea in her surprise, sending it floating to the ceiling before it crashed down to the floor.
It was a mess for a different time. There were more pressing matters directly in front of him.

She fell into his lap with a surprised huff and he settled a hand on her waist, the other reaching to caress the nape of her neck before guiding her face to meet his.
Their lips were nearly brushing, but he paused, his eyes flitting between hers for any sign that he had misunderstood.

Her lips brushed tentatively against his, soft and tender in their movements.
After a moment of surprise, he deepened the kiss and swiped his tongue across the seam of her lips, hearing as a small moan escaped her. Taking the opportunity to probe her mouth slowly, his tongue met hers and she gasped, her hands sliding from his neck to his jaw.
She took control of the kiss as she tipped his head back and slotted her mouth with his, licking and nipping his lips. He felt as her hips rolled against him, ever so slightly.

There was never anything that he wanted more than her in that moment.
Breaking the kiss, he looked at her hooded eyes and hoped she wanted him in the same way. His cock strained against his pants as she shifted again, the molten heat of her core causing goosebumps to spread across his skin.
“Tell me how you want me, Princess,” he pleaded as she began kissing a hot trail down his neck. He felt as she sucked languidly at a patch of skin at the junction of his neck and collarbone before she responded, “Isn’t it obvious?”
He wasn’t trying to be thick headed, but he also didn’t want there to be any room for misinterpretation, “Maybe. But say it anyway.”

“I want to fuck you,” she emphasized her point by grinding down further on to him, “Is that what you want?”

“Fuck. Yes.”
With his confession he felt her lift ever so slightly from him so she could push his pants down before shifting her own panties to the side and sinking down onto his rigid cock.
His eyes clenched shut as he became fully sheathed in her, a throaty groan escaping him at the feeling on her velvety walls clenched around him.

“God, you’re big,” she breathed.

A smug smirk spread across his features.
“Don’t let it go to your head, jerk,” she pouted before beginning to move slowly against him. It was her turn to smirk at the way his head fell back, his hands coming to grip her hips tightly.
Bakugo groaned when Uraraka crashed her lips back to his, her tongue exploring his mouth as she rolled her hips at a punishing pace. He shifted and thrust up to meet her as best he could and the added friction was just enough to push her over the edge.
Burying his face in her neck, he came shortly after as she clenched around him, with a whisper of her name against her skin.

He could have stayed in that spot for the rest of the night and nearly reached after her when she untangled their limbs and slipped back to her room.
Of all the ways Uraraka would have imagined starting the twelfth morning of quarantine, having sex with her prickly , hot roommate had not even crossed her mind. She lay in bed until the afternoon, wondering just how badly she had screwed up.
It wasn’t that she hadn’t enjoyed it.

In fact, it had been better than she had even imagined. Honestly, she wanted to do it again, but wasn’t sure just how to ask for it without scaring him away.
He had conceded to her in his sleep deprived state and he seemed to have been a more than willing participant in the early hours of the morning, but that didn’t necessarily mean he would want to do it again.
She slipped quietly into the bathroom, taking a shower and brushing her teeth, biding time as she steeled herself in preparation for the uncomfortable conversation that awaited her.
Uraraka found the blonde again sitting on the couch, this time reading a book, and she flopped down with a huff beside him. It was hard to be in this space without becoming flushed at the thought of what had happened between them in the last 12 hours.
He was looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to explain the interruption. She took a deep breath and began.

“We should talk about what happened.”

He continued to watch her with guarded eyes and she realized it would be up to her to keep the conversation flowing.
“I- I was wondering if my prize for winning could extend for the rest of the time we’re here,” she muttered, looking at her twisting hands.

“Is that what you want, Princess?” he asked in a husky voice that rumbled from deep within his chest.

“Y- Yes.”
“Then who am I to refuse? You did win after all.”

Before she even registered his response, he was on her, pushing her down to lay on the cushions as his mouth devoured hers.
She wrapped her legs behind his, opening a space to pull him in closer to her, and a soft moan escaped her when he began sucking and nipping her earlobe.
Clothes were discarded and when Uraraka felt the heavy weight of his erection pressed against her inner thigh she felt herself become wetter at the thought of having him inside her again.
Until she was reminded of the delicious soreness that she had woken up with. It wouldn’t do to overdo it now.

“Wait- Katsuki, please wait.” He stopped his motions at her whimpered plea.

She thought she could almost hear the concern in his voice as he whispered, “What’s wrong?”
“Don’t tease, but- I’m still a little sore from earlier.”

He was impossibly gentle as he planted a soft kiss on her lips while he moved to extract himself from the tangle of their limbs. She tightened her legs and wrapped her arms around his shoulders to pull him back to her.
“What are you doing?” he asked with a confused look twisting his features.

“I have something I want to try… If you’re brave enough.”

His eyes darkened at the challenge, “Tell me.”
A brief explanation later, Uraraka removed her own center of gravity and closed her eyes as Bakugo slowly guided her into position. She was upside down and facing towards him, feeling as he wrapped her legs around his head.
His hands came to her fleshy hips that he massaged reverently. Opening her eyes, she was met by the sight of his thick cock and she rested eight fingers gently against his muscular thighs as she flicked her tongue out to brush against the tip.
The noticeable shudder that rippled through him at the small contact caused a small smile to split across Uraraka’s face as she parted her lips around his cock and swallowed him whole.
She moaned around him as he pursed his lips around his clit and began to suck on her in a way that made her dizzy with pleasure. She was used to zero gravity and after learning of the vertical position she knew it was something she had to try. It was as good as she imagined.
Knowing that he was the only thing keeping her from floating to the ceiling caused a strange warm, thrilling sensation to build in her and because he wasn’t actually holding her weight she hoped they could maintain the position until they both finished.
Another moan escaped her as he prodded her folds with his tongue and she responded in kind by licking long strokes up and down his length while she bobbed her head in a steady motion.
Years of training her gag reflex to avoid puking every time her quirk was used extensively meant that she could take him all the way to the hilt before her throat constricted and she was pleased to hear his muffled groan as she contracted around his head.
Determined to make him lose control before she did, she moved one small hand from where it gripped his leg to stroke tight circles on his cock and the added pressure caused him to tighten his hold on her lips. He’d probably leave bruises and she quivered at the thought.
Moving her hands to cup his sac, she massaged it gently as she again took him into her throat. She heard as he warned her that he was close, but instead of moving off him like she knew he expected she began to suck him even more vigorously.
Her tongue laved at every bit of him she could reach and she hollowed her cheeks to create the suction that would drive him over the edge.

He came in her mouth with an uninhibited moan of her name against her clit and she shivered as the vibrations shook through her.
Feeling the familiar tightening of her walls as a wave of bliss coursed through her, she stayed in place as she came undone on his face, with his tongue greedily lapping at her through the high.
She gently popped his length from her mouth and tapped his leg for him to turn her right side up, releasing her quirk as she fell into his arms.
They crashed back on to the couch still wrapped in a tight embrace. Her head was cushioned against his surprisingly comfortable chest while his arm wrapped around her lower back.

It all struck her as very sweet, but she quickly pushed that dangerous thought from her mind.
As she was drifting to sleep to the feeling of him tracing light circles up and down her arms, she heard him murmur, “You know I could have held you up without your quirk right? I’m just teasing when I call you round, you’ve got the sweetest, juiciest ass I’ve ever seen.”
She laughed softly at his odd compliment, reassuring him that it wasn’t about the weight, but rather she wanted all of his focus on her pleasure. He kissed the top of her head softly as they both fell into a blissful rest.
- End of Part 3 of 4 -
Bakugo had been the first to stir from their unintended nap turned cuddle session. The feeling of her warm body pressed to his and her head nestled to his chest was more comfortable than he wanted to admit.
He had slipped out of her grasp before she awoke and tried to go about the rest of the night as if he hadn’t loved the way she felt in his arms. She just fit against him so perfectly.
That night was spent dreaming of the way she felt, weightless in his arms with her scent surrounding him as he was buried in her throat. The memory continued to play on loop in his waking hours and he wondered if their arrangement meant he could seek her out.
Or should he should wait for her to make the first move again?

Moving to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast, he remained consumed by thoughts of her until he felt her arms wrap around his waist as she pressed soft kisses to his back.
He was just finishing the meal preparation and was able to shut off the stove before turning to her. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he guided her back to the counter and had kissed her senseless before flipping her so that her juicy ass was pressed to his groin.
A groan escaped him as he pushed into her from behind and fecked her hard, there in the kitchen as the early morning sun streamed through the window.

The rest of the day was spent similarly as they defiled every inch of the living room, dining area, and kitchen.
She had barely finished her workout and stepped into the shower before he followed her, pausing at the glass door until she pulled him to her and they crashed into each other under the hot stream.
He had been hard the minute she stepped on the treadmill in her sinfully tempting outfit, but the difference now was that he felt no shame or need to hide his hungry gaze from roaming across her curves.
After a few minutes of fevered kissing with the water spilling around them, he dug his hands into her plump cheeks and lifted her before bracing her against the wall.
She wrapped her legs around him and Bakugo groaned as he sunk into her once more, thrusting in languid, long movements as he sucked bruises on her shoulders and chest.
The feeling of her hands threading through and tugging his hair sent waves of painful pleasure shooting through his spine. When he sucked her nipple into his mouth she came with a scream and he shortly followed, grunting with a final push before spilling inside of her.
The evening was spent wrapped in her arms as they lay naked, kissing and exploring the other’s body. He found a spot behind her ear that caused her to cry out and he learned just how sensitive his nipples were when she scratched a nail across them and a needy groan escaped him.
They welcomed the final day of quarantine in the same spot where he had first had her, except this time, she kneeled on the couch with her ass offered to him as she looked over her shoulder with darkened eyes.
He kept his lustful gaze locked locked on her as he grabbed her hips, bringing her back to meet his cock, driving into her over and over as she fell apart around him.
He was woken by a call from Mirko later that morning, informing him that the two students would be free to leave the following day.
Sitting at the table as he nodded along to her instructions to report to the campus clinic for a final check up, he nearly choked when he felt a small body press between his legs and pull his cock free from his pants.
Bakugo struggled to regain his composure as her small hand began to rub him, her mouth wrapping around his head and sucking softly.
The thrill of getting a blow job while on a call with his mentor was only heightened when she reached for his hand and wrapped it in her hair, encouraging him to guide her head at the pace he wanted.
Thanking his lucky stars as Mirko bid him farewell, he drove himself down her throat, using the grip in her hair to keep her in place as he filled her mouth with warm, salty cum. He took the opportunity to retaliate while she spoke with Ryukyu in the evening.
By the sound of her humming in agreement, he knew it was similar to the call he had received, and he smiled devilishly when he knelt in front of her on their couch and spread her legs wide.
Bakugo chuckled against her silky folds when she finally ended the conversation and let out a needy moan, curling her fingers through his blonde hair and thrusting against his face.
The taste of her climax was even better with the added excitement of knowing he had his tongue inside her while she had been on a work call.
Still, Bakugo could hardly contain his surprise when she brought her lips insistently against him. He felt himself grow harder the content sound that vibrated through her at the taste of herself on him.
He rose to his feet, shucking his pants as he prepared to take her, but she paused his movements with a foot to his chest. Standing on the couch, she barely towered over him, such was their height difference.
His red eyes never left hers as she closed the distance between them, leaning down to meet to press her lips to his. Bakugo melted into her touch as she circled her arms around his shoulders, sliding into his embrace and whispering a command to carry her to his room.
Laying her across his bed, he deepened the kiss as he ran his tongue to trace the seam of her lips. She opened them willingly with a gasp and he sighed into her as their tongues brushed together.
Nudging her knees apart so as to gain more contact, he shifted to the space between her legs that seemed like it was made just for him.
Uraraka tightened her hold around his neck, never allowing her lips to leave him for longer than a few seconds despite feeling breathless. Knowing that this was the last time they would be together, she pushed her sadness aside in favor of relishing the moments shared with him.
She rocked her hips up to meet him and felt the heavy weight of his cock resting against her. When he thrust his hips, a quiet moan from deep within her chest escaped and she nipped his lip in response.
As he aligned himself with her slick entrance she pulled back just a bit so that she could look in his eyes when he entered her. There was a foreign sense of awe and wonderment in them that took her breath away.
As he slowly began to move, stretching her walls and grinding against her clit, she touched her lips to his in a languid way that was almost chaste considering their joining.
Uraraka allowed herself to become intoxicated by the sensation of him inside her, the way his skin felt under her fingertips, and the hot breath against her neck as he buried his head there.

She never wanted the moment to end.
There was a bittersweet feeling that flooded her as her climax crashed through her body, her velvet heat clenching around him and his cock pulsing in a dance that had become so familiar over the span of a few days.
He rolled off of her before pulling the brunette into his side with an arm wrapped around her back.

She felt as he traced a finger along the length of her spine and pressed soft kisses on her forehead.
It all felt too tender and passionate for what had essentially been a one night stand that lasted several days. Though he fell asleep shortly after, arm still holding her to him closely, she laid awake throughout the night.
Uraraka dreaded the next day, knowing that they would be back to a reality in which she was constantly trying to prove herself as a worthy partner and he thought her beneath him.
Leaving the bed in the early hours, she turned once more before exiting and watched with a sense of loss at his sleeping figure. It was ridiculous that she should feel so sad about losing something that was never even hers to begin with.
She had packed her belongings the night before, which were to be delivered to the school later in the day. Grabbing a small fanny pack she slipped on her running gear and jogged the few miles to campus.
Uraraka avoided any area he might be for the entire day, afraid of what she might do or say if she saw him again. She wasn’t quite sure at what point in their little game her feelings had started to shift.
But she realized with dawning horror in the quiet moments of her morning run that she had actually started falling for the blonde boy. It wasn’t that all of his faults were suddenly forgotten and he still got under her skin with his smug sense of superiority.
But the sweet gentleness he had shown her in the intimate moments counted for something too.

After an exhausting day spent constantly on the lookout for him, she let her guard slip as she trudged to her door that night.
She couldn’t wait to crash into bed and hopefully sleep a dreamless sleep, free of the thoughts that had plagued her waking hours. So caught up in her thoughts, Uraraka didn’t even notice the visitor waiting by her dorm until she crashed into him.
Bracing herself for the inevitable crash to the floor, she was startled by a pair of strong arms catching around her and pulling her close.

Leaning her head back, she was met by a pair of familiar red eyes.
“W- What are you doing here, Bakugo?”

“Oh, so we’re back to formalities, huh?”

“I don’t think you’ve ever called me by anything other than one of your ridiculous nicknames,” she muttered with a roll of her eyes.
“Yeah, good point, Cheeks,” he responded with a teasing smirk.

She rolled her eyes before repeating her first question. “So, what are you doing here?”
“Well, you see, I spent an amazing few days with this girl, but she suddenly ditched me this morning and I’m not exactly sure what happened. Do you know anything about that?” He raised an eyebrow as he waited for her response.
She felt her face flush as a blush creeped from her neck to her cheeks.

“Maybe the girl thought you wouldn’t want to be seen with her once you got back to the real world...”
His hands shifted from her waist, where they had settled after steadying her, to wrap around her back. “Why would she think that?”
“Because you’ve done a good job of acting like you didn’t like her very much. In fact, I think you actually said that you didn’t like her before slamming a door in her face,” she huffed in annoyance at the memory.
What was she playing at, thinking that there could actually be something between them? Especially considering the only reason they had even ended up in bed together was because he rebuffed her attempts at friendship.
“Yeah, well I’m an idiot. Give me another chance, will ya, Angel?”

She traced her hands up his arms as she considered his request, relishing the barely noticeable shudder that coursed through him.
Finally bringing her arms to encircle his neck, she laced her fingers through his soft hair, tilting his face to meet hers while she stood on tiptoe to close the distance.

“Is that an apology?”

“Do you want it to be?”

She laughed. “You’re such a butthead.”
“But I’m your butthead, right?” he responded, with an easy smirk and a playful wiggle of his eyebrows.

“We’ll see about that.”

She placed a soft kiss on his lips but withdrew before he could return it, finally stepping back from his embrace.
Though he looked like he wanted to follow and close the distance, he didn't. His voice husky with want, he asked, “Will you spar with me tomorrow after class?”

“Is that your way of asking me on a date?”

“Can I take you on a date?”
“You better if you think you’re going to be getting me back into bed. What happened while on quarantine was only because I won the bet. Now, if you want me, you’re going to have to earn it.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Do you want it to be?”
- End of Part 4 of 4 -
Countless sparring sessions and dates later, Bakugo looked at his girlfriend as she crossed the graduation stage, shaking hands with their teachers and smiling at the flashing cameras.
They had both received job offers from various prestigious agencies, but had decided on accepting positions with Mirko since they would be able to work together.
In the celebrations that followed their completion of the academy and the start of their lives as heroes, Bakugo found himself constantly gravitating towards Uraraka.

Despite the fact they hadn't been together for that long, he now found himself unable to be without her.
Looking for a moment of privacy, he pulled her onto the balcony of the fancy ballroom that had been rented for their class's party.

Uraraka leaned in close to him, the cold night air causing her to shiver.
The end of their third year had passed by so quickly that she still couldn't get over the fact they were dating and actually making it work.

While the way she felt about him had been conveyed in many wordless acts and gestures, it still hadn't been said aloud in as many words.
She smiled as she thought of his vulnerability in conceding the competition to her as she leaned up to kiss him softly.


“Yes, Angel?”
“I'm so happy we spent those weeks together and that you were dumb enough to think I was taunting you by wearing normal workout clothes,” she laughed, teasing him.

He rolled his eyes and leaned down to capture her lips once more, just as she whispered, “I love you.”
She had expected surprise, shock, or fear of the implied commitment to flash across his features but instead he simply molded his lips to hers before pulling back and responding, “I love you too.”
They remained locked in a tight embrace relishing the moment of peace and feeling assured in the knowledge that they could face whatever awaited them in the future that followed, realizing they would do so together.
~ FIN ~
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