Trump says that the Democrats only moved to change the Wisconsin election after he endorsed the state supreme court candidate. He made that endorsement on April 6.

The Democrats filed their lawsuit to ask for election changes on March 18.
Trump had mentioned support of the candidate in January, but that timing doesn't line up with what he was talking about either -- because at that point, he was talking down the coronavirus threat and there was no question of the election being held in Wisconsin today
Trump says he's not responsible for what's happening in WI b/c all he did was endorse (he also defended the Supreme Ct decision a few minutes ago).

Points out the governor is a Democrat: "that's his problem."
Then says: "Some governors fail. I won't let them fail b/c I'll help"
Asked how he defends voting by mail himself a few weeks ago in the Florida primary given that he says voting by mail is corrupt, Trump has no answer.
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