Aloha Aina and Circular Economy is about the past, present, and future of our economy and social systems. I’m not saying we have all the answers but I think we should recognize that the status quo needs to be revised.
Some of the benefits of considering learning and borrowing from work around circular economy in other places in the world include ways to perhaps we think some of Hawaii’s key industry like construction. I know plenty kanaka in those jobs,
while I’m not supportive of particular large scale construction projects (TMT and other projects that communities don’t want in their backyards) I am not against the entire industry of construction. I would love to us lessen the overall footprint and impact that past practices
have had on our islands and environment. I would like to see home projects for locals that are affordable, sustainably built, renewable, with architectural design that fits our islands climate and brands our place.
Here is one video that discusses ways a Circular Economy can refine how building has been done in the past.
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