Want to learn how to use tilesheets, tilemaps, anims, multiple levels & more in @phaser_?

New series that goes into all that by making a #sokoban game w/ @KenneyNL assets ❤️

None of the #gamedev process is hidden! We debug & read docs in real-time 🤓

Here's Part 2 where we create the #sokoban player character and animations for moving left, right, up, and down!


👾 Assets by @KenneyNL 🎮game is built in @phaser_

Thread☝️for part 1 ✅ follow for part 3!

#html5 #gamedev #gamedevelopment
Part 3 of our #sokoban series in @phaser_ adds player movement and core box pushing without physics 😎 we use tweens instead


Assets by @KenneyNL 👾

See thread ☝️ for earlier parts; part 4 coming tomorrow!

#html5 #gamedev #ThursdayTreat
#HappyFriday Part 4 of making a #sokoban game in @phaser_ is live 🚀 we do some live bug fixing and add proper bounds checking for walls


✅Follow this thread so you don't miss part 5 tomorrow

#html5 #gamedev #gamedevelopment #puzzlegames
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