I'm going to start a daily series on everything the pandemic has taught us. (Well many of these are things we already knew, but #COVID19 has confirmed them.)

Day 1: Austerity has come home to roost. Case in point a badly tattered social safety net. (Ex: EI)

Lessons from #COVID19

Day 2: Canada needs a truly universal health care #Pharmacare

Millions of Cdns thrown out of work, all at once. Many of them join the ranks of Cdns who have inadequate or no workplace health benefits.

Fix Canada's society safety net. #PharmacareNow
Lessons from COVID19

Day 3: Health care workers, mostly women, are warriors, and yet we pay them no where near their worth during normal times. During a pandemic it is a disgrace. And to add insult they are expected to work without proper PPE.

Better pay + PPE. They deserve it.
Lessons from #COVID19

Day 4: Globalization and the gutting of Canada's manufacturing sector expose something workers have said for decades. Building things at home matters. It can also save lives. Pandemic confirms a different kind of economy is needed.

#cdnecon #cdnpoli
Lessons from COVID19: Day 5. The work done by mostly women is holding the world up right now. Do we need any more reasons to implement full equality and measures to close the gender pay gap? We do not. (Hint: @fordnation time to give those PSWs in LTC a much deserved pay raise)
Lessons from #covid19:

Day 6.

Unfettered capitalism has made the pandemic 1M times worse. When this health crisis is over, we must build a new economy that serves all people, rather than the very few.

These days everyone is a socialist. And we now know this is possible.
Lessons from #covid19:

Day 7:

Every moment is an organizing moment. Today's organizing moment is pretty basic: workplace health and safety. Demand it.

And in the days/weeks ahead when employers push back against the right to refuse unsafe work, be ready.

COVID19 lessons.

Day 8: The world needs strong, fighting trade unions because who would be fighting for health workers, retail workers, all workers and for stronger health and safety in the midst of this pandemic if it was not unions?

Unions forever. Solidarity always.
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