Welcome to the trumpocalypse.

If you assumed it would be a disaster, you get two points, but if you did not select “will cause a pandemic to be so much worse in the US because of *45’s willful and constant lying and withholding aid to states” take one point off./1
If you selected “we’ll all be dead in 6 months” take one point off, but if you picked “he’s going to kill us all, one way or another”, give yourself 5 points, because *45 really does seem guilty of negligent manslaughter. Is that impeachable, @tedcruz ? 2/
If you chose “he will use the US Treasury as his personal ATM, and grift so much from congressionally-approved funds for his personal use we will be immobilized and broke”, give yourself 20 points, and ask yourself why you didn’t do more to prevent his “election” 3/
If you posited that *45 would assemble the most egregiously irresponsible and unsuitable toadies in “top cabinet positions” give yourself 5 points.
If you missed his abuse of nepotism rules to put his extended family into grift-rich positions, deduct 10 points. 4/
If you presumed #MoscowMitch would use the outrages generated by the Tangerine Idi Amin as a blind to put unqualified, dirt-bag judges into lifetime appointments, add 2 points, because that was a no-brainer. It would be more, but he TOLD us he would. 5/
If you predicted flouting international and US law to bar asylum seekers, kidnap and traffic their kids, and allow private prisons to incarcerate them indefinitely, award yourself 2 points.
If you forgot about them during the pandemic, deduct 20 points. 6/
If you assumed he would facilitate a deficit black hole by handing a huge tax cut to zillionaires & corporations, you were right but get no points because that was obvious.
If you predicted he’d F up everything he touched, thank @TheRickWilson because ETTD. 7/
So welcome to the dystopian trumpocalypse, and ask yourself, “What am I going to do to make this shit-show stop?”.

You only have one job (especially since *45 has directly caused the biggest job losses in US history), and that is to vote out every GOP enabler.8/
Every one of Fat Nixon’s transactions is a zero sum game; if he appears to be losing, he will change the rules (see Justice Department), and don’t assume anyone else is coming to save us.

Unify or democracy dies.
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