Rundown of the UCP's response to #COVID19:
✔️Laid off >25,000 educators
✔️Slashed physician compensation
✔️Scrapped environmental reporting
✔️Went to bat for disgraced Health Minister @shandro
✔️Gave individual Ministers sweeping powers to write new laws w/o oversight
1/3 #ableg
✔️Terminated contract with radiologists
✔️Rolled out a support benefit that deliberately excluded many who needed it most
✔️Barely stopped themselves laying off 750 nurses (for now)
✔️Ended good-faith claims so vulnerable people can't get treatment
2/3 #ableg
✔️Killed a plan to shelter homeless people in vacant hotels. Decided on overcrowded halls instead.
✔️Verbally attacked doctors
✔️Continued firing people at post-secondary institutions

Cruel? Negligent? Doesn't begin to describe it.

(And what have I missed?)
3/3 #ableg
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