How do you deal with a neighbour that wants to kill you? The U.S and Pakistan almost went to war when it was discovered the Pakistan were secretly giving sanctuary to Taliban fighters killing U.S troops.
(2) The Pakistanis denied but after a while the U.S got fed up and engaged Pakistani forces along the Afghan Pakistani border from 2008 to late 2012 resulting in the death if 42 Pakistani soldiers with no U.S casualties.
(3) The two sides ultimately made peace when Pakistani realised the risk of harbouring Taliban fighters while pretending to be an American partner nation far outweighed the benefit. The Nigerian government have failed woefully in this endeavour
The government has known since as far back as 2014 clandestine subversive activities against the Nigerian state. The fake cease-fire and $22 million scam. The payment of $3 million to Boko Haram by France for the release of captured hostages
(5)The arrest of Baharat Gnoti who was caught by border guards with 19 SA-7 surface to air missiles he was tying to smuggle to Boko Haram fighters. He even confessed Idris Deby Itno gave him the money to buy the missiles from the Sudanese government
Yet we considered them partner nation in the fight against the very people they been caught aiding. How this makes sense is beyond me. It's bewildering,
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