1 After a full day of media interviews on the only issue that exists, I'm completely astonished at the amazing display of fake knowledge, fake models, fake cause-and-effect analysis, fake expertise, fake mental paradigms, fake timelines, and so on, that saturate media culture.
2 It's the ultimate groupthink, exactly like what imagined happened in the 12th century when mysterious happenings were going on and some soothsayer announced the answer, and everyone believed him, with horrific consequences, such as random pogroms and burnings.
3 What's remarkable is that the difference between then and now is that we have actual medical professionals, actual experts, actual people with credentials in respiratory infections, who might be consulted on these matters, but they sit now alone unconsulted. Even right now.
4 And this is entirely because an amazing perfect storm of media frenzy plus political opportunism combined to obliterate science, expertise, along with liberty and property, and all humane values, to give us the current-day absurdities.
5 All of which leads me to believe that when the dust from this collective fiasco settles, there will be a massive and universal sense of shock and outrage that such a maniacal frenzy could ever have occurred in a modern seemingly enlightened society.
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