Arguing for economic independence and democratic resilience, “Our foreign policy establishment has opportunity to dispense with ideological fantasies of post-nationalism, and embrace the reality that nations are comprised of citizens, borders and interests.” (2/7)
“At the very intersection of the present debate between globalization and nationalism, featuring economic dislocation and global disruption, are questions around the critical supply chains that cross sovereign borders.” (3/7)
“Authoritarians have become masters at subverting the postwar democratic order, while democracies have confused pluralism with moral relativism and equivocation.” (4/7)
“For all their machinations, these authoritarian regimes have a clear mission: disrupt democracies, disrupt their cooperation.” (5/7)
“As long as the critical needs of Canadians are dependent on authoritarians, we remain at the mercy of such regimes’ incompetence or, worse, malevolence.” (6/7)
For more on what Canada can do in the face of threats #China, #Russia & #Iran pose to Canadians, we hope you enjoy this contribution to the Canadian strategic community. It’s always a great pleasure to collaborate with @kolga and @kshahrooz at @MLInstitute. (7/7)
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